Final Fantasy 15 Screenshot Comparison Shows Impressive Graphics Evolution

"Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 15 is one the most anticipated games of the decade. Previously known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, the game has seen its share of development challenges."

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Abriael1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

Yebis is an optics middleware. It's not an engine. Comparing screens from a trailer which is a year old with something even older is also kind of ridiculous.

NextLevel1576d ago

People shouldn't even be looking at screenshots, it's all about the gameplay. I don't even care if it's SD, any where above 15FPS is also fine.

Malphite1576d ago

Are you crazy? Even if you don't care about the graphics at all, everything below 30fps has a significant impact on the gameplay. 15 fps would be nearly unplayable for most games. Also SD resolution wouldn't allow devs to include as many details.

I agree that gameplay is important resolution and performance have an impact on gameplay and immersion. There is no reason for devs to aim for anything below 1080p at 30fps.

Destrania1575d ago

30fps is completely fine, 15fps is not.

The_Hero1576d ago

The game looks better than the E3 presentation.
Previous videos had this game built on last gen and I can see quite the leap.

Godmars2901575d ago

Middleware software they have no apparent intention to use for the full release of the game. Meaning that, like this discussion, Square's only wasted production time and resources.

Nevermind that what's been shown may not even look like what's been shown. In fact its a near certainty.

Abriael1575d ago

Yebis hasn't been developed by Square. It's a rather cheap middleware developed by Silicon Studio that was just used as a placeholder.

FACTUAL evidence1575d ago

Can you guys all believe that next year will make this game 10 years since we heard about this? To me it's do or don't. My hype died a half of decade ago.

Godmars2901575d ago

"Yebis hasn't been developed by Square."

And what does it matter: they using it. Not for the main production anyway.

The point was however how they're burning through money, making empty, pointless claims, and in general just puttering around.

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TheWackyMan1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

I was really confused and thought the new footage was old, and old footage was new. I'm so happy that's not that case. That would be massive graphical downgrade. ;P

BlackWolf121576d ago

Not really sure which screenshot is which.

This is a stupid clickbait article.

bouzebbal1576d ago

2 pictures to showcase the animation? is this article trying to troll us?
well the game has been shifted from PS3 to PS4 so why an article to state the obvious?
gamingbolt is about graphic difference and esram... can we have some gaming news please instead?

Elda1576d ago

Of course the graphics are different knowing one version was the defunct PS3 version compared with the now PS4/XBO version

abstractel1576d ago

My most anticipated game based on E3 2013 footage. Getting tired of waiting though.

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The story is too old to be commented.