7 Reasons Why Sleeping Dogs Is Better Than GTA V

GTA V is a great game, with three protagonists. Also, it is the most successful game Rockstar has ever produced in their history! Micheal, Franklin and Trevor, all of them are awesome.

Sleeping Dogs is a game made by Square Enix in association with United Front Games & Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) . In this game, we play as Wei Shen, who is a very loyal and good man. This game has an incredible story line, in which, you're a undercover cop and a triad. This game was supposed to be the third part in the TrueCrime franchise but then it discontinued and named "Sleeping Dogs".

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Hellsvacancy2396d ago

"A Man who never eats Pork Buns is never a whole man"

KonsoruMasuta2396d ago

"Why don't you have a Pork Bun in your hands?!"

Crazay2396d ago

HAHAH! Well played sir.

Venox20082396d ago

I gotta agree that Sleeping Dogs is better than GTA V

BattleReach2396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

I gotta disagree that Sleeping Dogs is better than GTA V

Golden_Mud2396d ago

I gotta agree and disagree that Sleeping Dogs is better than GTAV

Az1mov2396d ago

I gotta sleeping dogs that disagree is GTA V than better

bman532396d ago

I gotta agree that Sleeping Dogs is better than Watch Dogs.

Braid2395d ago (Edited 2395d ago )

Watch Dogs gotta be better Sleeping Dogs than GTA V.

brokenbracket2395d ago

I gotta Watch GTA Sleeping V Dogs is better than disagree.

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Razputin2396d ago

I've had enough of these "Why" articles. This is all a matter of opinion.

I loved Sleeping Dogs, and I think Watch Dogs is great too, and I know once I play GTAV it will be awesome too.

This is seriously getting ridiculous, trying to get people to jump on Band Wagons for no reason.

LOGICWINS2396d ago

"Why" articles are an expression of an opinion. If you're such a proponent of "opinions", then you shouldn't have a problem with them.

Not everyone likes all open world games equally like you seem to.

dcj05242396d ago

Well sir it's labeled an opinion piece for a reason. Now if this was marked news then yeah, I'd agree with ya. That's like the whole point of an opinion piece, to express a certain opinion in this case why Sleeping Dogs is better than GTA V.

brokenbracket2395d ago

Your mom is better than GTAV ;)

nope1112396d ago

I dunno.... SD had a good story/characters and awesome high-speed shootouts, but everything else was so-so.

DragoonsScaleLegends2396d ago

It had the best combat system out of every open world game I've ever played.

iceman062395d ago

True. I played Sleeping Dogs for hours...just for the hand to hand combat mechanics. I only wish that the varying styles weren't DLC options and were, instead, something that you could toggle in a customization. (basically, I don't want to have to pay for Drunken Kung-Fu!!!)

Christopher2395d ago

I actually didn't care for the melee combat system...

The driving was a bit stiff and had that cheating AI aspect in it.

Gunplay was okay.

I never did finish the game, but probably will at some point. It just didn't keep me invested in the game. Not that GTAV did that either since I haven't finished it either.

LOGICWINS2396d ago

Disagree. No other open world game has nailed the shooting, driving, and fighting mechanics like Sleeping Dogs did.

TheSaint2396d ago

The driving is horrible is SD. All clunky and no finesse.

Dannycr2396d ago

Better than GTAIV definitely. Better than GTAV, nope.

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