Western Australian commitee wants R18+ video games banned in the state

The Western Australian Joint Standing Committee on the Commissioner for Children and Young People recommends in its Sexualisation of Children report that the Classification Enforcement Act should "prohibit the sale, supply, demonstration, possession or advertisement" of R18+ video games in the state.

BigBosss3667d ago

WTF, how about a big NO oh and while I am at it a big FU also.

kaozgamer3667d ago

We finally got a R18+ rating and now they want to take that away. On top of that, the games we already get are heavily censored. Unbelievable...

MegaRay3667d ago

I Hate censored videogames/Anime ...etc etc but Why would a developer (or publishers) want to limit their consumers? Wouldnt a 12+ game sell more (I am not saying to cut blood off but cut sex and other crap from videogames)

JakemanPS319943666d ago

Why should they have to censor themselves at all?? its not like it even drives down sales any way ie GTA, Cod, GOW (both) and Halo. if they want to include sex and drugs and profane language, why cant they?

ravinash3666d ago

Some people need to forget the idea that games are only for kids.
There are people in their 30s....in fact most gamers are over 30 and want to play games aimed at them.
If it's rated for adults, stop allowing kids to play them.

ShaunCameron3666d ago

So they don't get into trouble with the government or lobbyist groups.

Bathyj3667d ago

That is so incredibly dumb and backwards thinking. Especially now that since we have an R rating, every game with any adult content seems to get an R rating. I mean Watchdogs? C'mon.

Is this the same state that wants to rename a town Southpark?


BattleAxe3667d ago

Young people need to get more involved in politics, otherwise you get idiots like these trying to force their own beliefs and agendas down your throat.

Goro3667d ago

Why? It's 18+. Adults don't need to be told what they should and shouldn't play.

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