PS4 Exclusive Without Memory Gets First WIP Screenshot, More Concept Art and Info

The Moscow-based studio Dinosaurum Games has been working on active development on the PS4 exclusive Without Memory for a few weeks now, and they finally have something to show for it, in the form of the very first work-in-progress screenshot of one of the game’s levels. Some concept art and information, including the price, has also been released.

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Lawboy23617d ago

What is this game about...I've heard it talk about here and the but not as much as the bigger games.....

Abriael3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

Thriller adventure inspired by Quantic Dream's games, with multiple endings and such.

Lawboy23617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

So is it rpg...it looks interesting from the concept art...just wondering

Thanks abriel

Abriael3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

No, not a RPG, it's just a branching thriller adventure. It also has stealth parts apparently, and whether you get detected or not changes the outcome of the story. They also say they have some new kind of revolutionary QTE I have no idea about (no matter how I think about it, I can't come up with many ideas on how to make QTEs different, but hey, I'm no game developer).

And it's done in Unreal Engine 4.

gamerfan09093617d ago

You lost me at QTE and QD. I'll wait til footage drops.

Spotie3616d ago

You were lost to begin with, gamerfan; this isn't an Xbox game.

user56695103616d ago

Sounds interesting. Gotta keep an eye on this what's the story about Sony seem like they keep the best writers. They must be using theirovie resourses to their benefit. On some kinda of scope of QD is a move I want to see more of consoles . Than again I want consoles to do mores genre of PC and bring new thing to the table in vice versa . Forget all the be gfx talk.

GeofferyPeterson3616d ago

Got it. So it's like Heavy Rain, or Beyond: Two Souls. Sweet.

DonMingos3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )


God, I hate the stealth trolling of fanboys who pretend to play multi-consoles. You are the most annoying kind of fanboy.

Just a short look at comment history

"Killzone gameplay is generic",

"games like journey should not outscore games like watchdogs",

"You lost me at QTE and QD",

"David Cage is a bad writer and QD games have bad gameplay"

"The Dualshock 3 and the N64 ones were the worst controlers ever",

"The Vita is dead and sony do not support it's hardware unless it sells a lot".

"Titanfal plays way better on Xbox one Azurre than on PC servers"

"PS3 early games had a lot of problems worst than resolution, the multiplatforms were hardly playable"

"The Wii U is a very flawed console".

"There are a lot of PS4 in stock at wallmart now, but you shouldn't buy them, just wait till there are cheaper ones at Ebay".

"Uncharted is an Indiana Jones Rip Of"

"No Man's Sky won't move consoles"

"RAD are just using the whole " 30fps makes things more cinematic" card to hide the flaws of the system they're developing for"

"Forza Horizon 2 will be hard to top, only The crew is on it's league"

"VR is dead on arrival tech"

You're not fooling anyone, except for maybe yourself, if you believe you're not a fanboy. And let me get you a hint, it's not a Nintendo or Sony one

irepbtown3616d ago

A bit about the game, I'll give you the link from where I got it afterwards.

Russian Developer Dinosaurum Games recently announced the development of a new PS4 exclusive game, Without Memory, set for release in 2016.
The game, currently in the concept phase, will be an “interactive thriller” based on Unreal Engine 4.
The story follows an ordinary girl that wakes up in a forest with no memories left. The player’s decisions will influence the plot, and there will be “tens of endings".

The title will be semi-open world and the point of view will be third person, while the touch pad of the DualShock 4 will be used to select actions. PS4 exclusivity was chosen in order to best use the capabilities of the console and “make a breakthrough in graphics and animation.”

And here's the link: http://www.dualshockers.com...

UltraNova3615d ago

Is it me or Dualshockers is among the few sites left worth visiting lately? I find their pieces pretty interesting and they make a decent effort of avoiding click bait articles.

Keep it up guys nice work.

A fan.

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XiSasukeUchiha3616d ago


Do you honestly believe that?

Lawboy23616d ago

U mean what abrial said

sho0ok3616d ago

@Spotie we all know that PlayStation games are full of QTEs.
Last of US
God of War
Heavy Rain
The Order
Shall I keep going? On the other side,
Ryse is the only game with some sort of QTEs. Nothing against qtes ofc the only game I didn't enjoy from the list was God of war.

DonMingos3616d ago

Halo 4
Gears of war
Dead Rising 3

these games also have QTE, so why no mention them?

Don't get this "QTE are bad" ting, it's a game designer choise and is often used to increase immersion in the set pieces and cinematic scenes

sho0ok3616d ago

@DonMingos I played the three games you mentioned and I don't recall any of them have QTEs. Maybe...and maybe couple of scenes but that hardly considered qte game on the level of God of war or uncharted.

kenshiro1003616d ago

You trolls can't help yourselves, can you? I guess Ryse didn't have QTE's as well?

Oh, right, you're bashing Sony. I see now.

sho0ok3615d ago

@kenshiro100 hey dummy can't you read, see my previous comment I mentioned that Ryse has QTE. Also no one is bashing Sony where did you get that stupid!

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Wingsfan243617d ago

Didn't know the game was THAT early in development. Will be a good long while before we see it. Cool to see in such early production though.

Abriael3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

It's been in active development for exactly five weeks now. Game's release will be in 2016, so yeah, it's gonna be two years. There's a teaser coming at GDC Europe.

TimeSkipLuffy3617d ago

2016 is just a date. Games can be a development for 10 years... when it will be released we know for sure when we can buy it :D

DigitalRaptor3616d ago

That's lovely to know.

GDC has always been E3 - part 2 for Sony so I'm hyped.

Drunken-Master3616d ago

I don't really understand why you keep getting disagreed...I guess it's because you know what you're talking about. So in going with the information and sense you're talking, you have a bubble from me.

Sevir3616d ago

They'll be at Gamescon and presenting at Sony's Show. So it should interesting to get a first look at the game then.

mmc-0073617d ago

why are so many games using the Unreal engine? is it cheap to license?

Abriael3617d ago

It's mostly because of support AFAIK, due to how widespread it is, it's compatible with basically every middleware. If I'm not wrong it also comes packaged with a few ones for free, like Speedtree.

modesign3616d ago

lol just stick with its cheap and easy to use.

KwietStorm_BLM3616d ago

Games have been licensing the Unreal engine for many years. Epic doesn't eve need to make games, and they're still paid. The engine has a lot of the work already done for you, and it is highly customizable. But Yea it's used like a $2 wh...

LightDiego3617d ago

I thought this game was about dinosaurs with amnesia.

aerisbueller3616d ago

Without Memory : The XBox One GPU Story