TVL | Borderlands 2 PS Vita Review

Is this the Proof that the Vita can be home to AAA titles? The Vita Lounge give their thoughts.

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Chaz30101634d ago

Great review Paul, it makes for a great read. From what I have played I wholeheartedly agree!

stavrami-mk21633d ago

This game is the best and worst game of the vita. I never played borderlands 2 on ps3 so I am absolutely loving it. I was one of them not to be plagued by bugs and freezes at the start, I probably played 100hrs with only 2-3 freezes but now I'm plagued by them and can quite easily have 2-3 freezes a day I'm actually quite sick of reloading and seeing as uk has not had the latest patch (even though it is not meant to help much) I won't be playing this now until it's fixed

irishyort1633d ago

About 60 hours in now, although I've been playing Black Flag remotely on my Vita so not playing BLs as much.

I have had 5 freezes in total and 3 were at the Stronghold which is well known by now as a freeze point. The trick was to let it load in the textures for a few seconds and then go in, since Ive done that for almost every other place since, I've had no real problems.

The 2 issues I did have seemed to stem from the fact I had the Vita in standby mode in very busy areas and tried to pick up and play straight where I left off. Probably should let the textures load in again when coming out of standby mode too as a general rule. 4/5.