Is Nintendo Pursuing a More Mature Audience?

One of the writers here at Nintendo Enthusiast talks about Nintendo's recent focus on bringing mature content to their home console. How do you feel about Nintendo funding and publishing mature games for the Wii U? Do you think it's a smart move for The Big N? Or do you believe Nintendo is after the wrong crowd?

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Concertoine3617d ago

Its just a return to gamecube days, they published Geist and Eternal Darkness back then and did a deal with capcom for those resident evil games.

They've already published more M-rated content this gen than last lol...

SirNintend03617d ago

It's a good sign as well. Not that "M" games are automatically good, but that they are now offering a better variety for everyone.

randomass1713616d ago

So were several Resident Evil games, No More Heroes and The Conduit.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory3616d ago

They own those. Not just published

Segata3616d ago

Nintendo had nothing to do with Madworld. Sega published Platinum developed.

They did publish/develop games like Disaster Day of Crisis which was full of cursing. Zankegi no Regionliev which is EDF in norse myth and the bloodiest Wii game,Samurai Warriors 3,Sin & Punishment,Pandoras Tower (forcing a girl to eat flesh of monsters to prevent her from turning into one) The last Story but the most surpising one was Captain Rainbow where one mission you have to prove Birdo is innocent of a crime by finding his dildo.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory3615d ago

I was referring to this "they published Geist and Eternal Darkness "
Not MadWorld

Shnazzyone3615d ago

what was the authors first tip? was it zombi u being a flag ship title at launch? how about an immediate introduction of the pro controller? How about courting team ninja for games? focus on tournament level improvements in smash? It's honestly nothing new. It's been the premise behind wii u for a while actually.

Activemessiah3617d ago

I remember when Madworld came out and newspapers gave them a lynching and screaming betrayal for releasing something for adults.

Summons753616d ago

Don't forget about Manhunt 2 which got pulled off shelves shortly after launch (Wii version)

bacrec13616d ago

That may still be the most violent game available.

jc485733616d ago

Gamers grow old, so even their tastes change.

jc485733616d ago

sigh...let me put it in other words. Tastes just keep on expanding.

CloudRap3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

its make it or break it for nintendo, release a console that can at least hold its own against x1/ps4 hardware wise, and get some real 3rd party support or wither away. If a fourth competitor joins the ring this gen or next, its over for nintendo.

voodoochild3463616d ago

No one anywhere in the world should listen to you.

thehobbyist3616d ago

Nintendo has profited every generation and with little third party support every generation.
Their hardware was actually the weakest(Wii) for their most profitable home console.
Also a fourth competitor exists(The Ouya) and it's basically a failure. Barely breaking even and constantly discounting it's price to sell.
Now tell me again, how is it make it or break it for Nintendo? Because really. 2013 was their worst year in decades and it only seems to be going up from here.
2 million copies of MK8 in less than a month. WiiU sales quadrupling and it's outselling PS4 in Japan.
Your argument is grasping at straws.

InTheLab3616d ago

It is a myth that Nintendo made a profit on the GC and N64 that continues to spread by way of plain old ignorance and fanboyism.

Nintendo's first loss in over 30 years was due to the poor performance of the Gamecube. What saved them that gen was the Gameboy Advance. They made a profit during that era solely based on their handhelds.

Now where the confusion comes into play is the fact that 3 years after the launch of the GC, they finally made some money on it thanks to cheaper parts despite the insane number of price cuts.

Now, the reason why selling a console for more than it cost to produce does not equal a profitable console is how long it took to become profitable and the amount of stock they were unable to sell. So Gamecubes were returned from retailers and Nintendo made millions more consoles than they were able to sell.

With all of thoses gamecubes floating about, there is no way they made a ROI because they never hit the break even point.

Again, Nintendo was profitable during that generation because of their handhelds. It's the exact same story for the N64 only N was not able to recycle unused parts for their next console.

As for them needing or not needing 3rd party support, that's just flat out stupid. If Mario and all the games they slap him in is enough to sustain you for the next 3 or 5 years good for you....but most gamers will stay away from the WiiU or make it a companion console and that should not be Nintendo's goal and you shouldn't be cheering on "just enough to get by".

jholden32493616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

Lol, your entire statement is one, big logical fallicy.

Nintendo hasn't had "real 3rd party support" in 20 years. This isn't anything new. In fact, I think the Wii U has had MORE "real 3rd party support" than any Nintendo console in the last 3 generations. Logical fallicy number one.

And Nintendo doesn't make games for the same type of gamer as PS4 and Xbox One. They make a different KIND of game, and a different gaming experience altogether. A fourth competitor wont' touch Nintendo's marketshare, unless they do what Nintendo does and can do it better (highly doubt that). A fourth competitor will pretty much just eat Sony and MS marketshare. They're different kinds of games aimed at different kinds of people. Logical fallicy number two.

Nintendo has the highest selling gaming device in the world right now (3DS) and the Wii U is the number one selling home console in Japan, and has been ever since the launch of the PS4. It is also the 3rd best selling gaming device in the US. And Nintendo has what, like 16 billion in cash and assets? So no, it's not "make it or break it" time for Nintendo. Logical fallacy number three.

Lastly, the audience Nintendo is targeting is not gung-ho about having the most powerful console. Nintendo targets gamers that just want fun games. Of course they want the games to look good, but Wii U games DO look good. REAL good. No gamer is going to be playing Mario Kart 8 and say "ya know, I WOULD be enjoying this game if only I could see the poors on Mario's face". Nintendo targets gamers who just want fun games that look good enough to not detract from the experience, all at a solid price point (beside the fact Yoshi's Wooly World looks just as good, IF NOT BETTER than Little Big Planet 3). The difference in power is negligible for the types of games on Nintendo's hardware. Logical fallacy number four.

And in response to InTheLab:

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
Pikmin 3
Xenoblade Chronicles X
Sonic Lost World
Wonderful 101
Zelda Windwaker HD
Lego City Undercover
Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
Wii Sports Club
Sonic Boom
Hyrule Warriors
Bayonetta 2
Pushmo World
Smash Bros
Captain Toad
Yoshi's Wooly World
Kirby Rainbow Curse
Star Fox
Devil's Third
Zelda U
SMT x Fire Emblem

All exclusive games. Not one of them has "Mario" in the title, and this is what we know about at 18 months in. Imagine the span of non-Mario exclusives after the full 6 years has passed. If it truly were JUST Mario games on Wii U, then no, it wouldn't be enough to sustain me. But when you couple the huge Mario universe of games like NSMB series, 3D Mario series, Mario Kart, Mario Party, and the Mario Sports games (which are all top-shelf btw) with all the games mentioned above (and we're only 25% through the Wii U's lifespan), AND the occasional multiplat like Sonic Racing, Rayman Legends and Watch Dogs, you get a pretty hefty span of games, most of which are exclusive. Which is MORE than enough to sustain me.

Granted, I own all 5 consoles and handhelds just because I like cherry picking the best of each, but if I wanted to I could very much game on Nintendo alone. Don't be ignorant. And who gives a flute if they're profitable? Seriously, that's fanboy fodder right there. Shut up and play games.

Geekman3616d ago

They're yelling to their old fans who grew out of Mario.


thehobbyist3616d ago

I wonder if those "Mature" adults realize the E rating means E for EVERYONE(Key word here, it's pretty important).

Spotie3616d ago

Except those E games don't typically cover the same sorts of themes that M games do.

Can you think of a way to make an E rated Persona that still has the same depth? I can't.

Nintendo would, traditionally, pass up on such a title. If they're changing that, I can only see it as a good thing.

deafdani3616d ago

I hope ypu realize that your assumption against people that prefer "mature" games is just as bad as the assumption that only kids play Nintendo games. You criticize them for supposedly being on one extreme, but then you fall on the other extreme.