The PS4′s surprising summer sales weakness

The strong early sales performances of PS4 is clearly leading globally at this point but the Wii U just received what should have been a major jolt when the extremely well-received Mario Kart 8 debuted. Yet this powerhouse title was unable to give the Wii U much of a boost in Japan.The Wii U is selling just 8,300 units and the PS4 notably weak at 6,500 units in Japan. PS4 has faded so badly despite the fact that Nintendo can no longer challenge Sony in the home console market. Portable consoles seem to be doing better, with Nintendo’s 3DS selling 25,000 units a week and the PS Vita selling 13,000 units a week. Yet Japanese sales of portable consoles are down 30% from their level a year ago. What is going on ?

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ZodTheRipper2283d ago

Both consoles will sell just fine once the must-haves drop. At the moment, both consoles have just mediocre lineups for 2014... 2015 is where this generation really starts to shine.

NextLevel2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

"Both consoles will sell just fine once the must-haves drop."

I'm not sure why people are so convinced Xbox One sales are going to take off. Titanfall was supposedly the "Must have title" and the game to "redefine the FPS" sell the Xbox One and close the gap. It literally did NOTHING. Sales fell off a cliff since, forcing them to remove Kinect.

Yesterday the Kinectless Xbox One was 45th on Amazon, now it's 61st. As you can see from the red arrow pointing down.

How many "when this happens, sales will pick up" does the system need?

I agree with both 2014 line-ups being not the greatest ever though, just good. 2015 looks amazing though.

ZodTheRipper2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

I never said it's going to take off, of course PS4 will continue dominating in the future. Uncharted 4, The Order 1886 and Bloodborne are all top-tier system sellers in their own way and Microsoft hasn't anything that comes close to these titles except of Halo 5 and Quantum Break. Not to mention The Last Guardian, Gran Turismo 7 or all these first party studios that are working on unnanounced games. The Xbox One will of course continue selling moderate amounts but the gap is only going to increase from now on.

NextLevel2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

Agreed. Halo 5 will be huge for the Xbox One. Not sure about Quantum Break, I think it'll be a great game but I don't think Alan Wake even sold a million copies. Quantum Break will have more hype and marketing behind. BTW, I LOVED Alan Wake. One of my favorite 360 games without a doubt.

elmaton982283d ago

You liar. The xbox one is not 61st is 58th lol.

MysticStrummer2283d ago

@elmaton - It was in the mid 40s right after E3, so either way it has dropped.

Halcyon142283d ago

The article was about Nintendo vs. Sony in Japan.

Halcyon142283d ago

Um, the article wasn't abou.....oh screw it. At this point I am impressed by your stamina, and more than a little concerned about your mental state.

KwietStorm2283d ago

Who said anything about Xbox?

Neonridr2283d ago

@NextLevel - MS wasn't even in the conversation yet you somehow find the need to bring them in. This discussion was about Nintendo and Sony.

memots2283d ago

agree with NextLevel,

Halo 5 might finally make me take the jump and get the x1.

Mikethejew2283d ago Show
andibandit2282d ago


".. Not to mention The Last Guardian.."

Good thing we havent been listening to that for the last 4-5 years.

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MSBAUSTX2283d ago

I guarantee you that Halo Master Chief Collection moves some consoles. I am actually a huge Nintendo fanboy but i own an Xbox one simply because i wanted to play next gen Halo. I already have the Master Chief collection reserved and i really want to play Evolved. I think it looks like a lot of fun. But i own only Forza for it right now. I have over 10 Wii U games in my collection. However one game can turn a system around. MK8 has sold almost 2M copies and is oving systems as the numbers show. This fall is strong for all three systems and like it did last generation in the end the number will be good for all three systems because people like us love video games and want to play the best for all three. By this holiday season i will have a PS4 as well and i can play any game i want. Trust me all three will be just fine. Soeone should warn Ouya though.

wonderfulmonkeyman2283d ago

While I agree with most of what you said, Nintendo's tail-end of this year isn't looking weak.
Smash, bay 2, Hyrule Warriors. And great indie titles.
I'd hardly call that weak.

Gameseeker_Frampt2283d ago

The lineup may not be weak for the Wii U for the 2nd half of 2014, but it is definitely the weakest of the 3.

wonderfulmonkeyman2283d ago

Matter of opinion, Frampt.
I haven't seen a 2014 game that makes me want a PS4 bad enough to spend its current price tag.[if they were releasing KH III this year then I might change my mind, but....]

Gameseeker_Frampt2283d ago

No, not really a matter of opinion at all. Let us look at the release schedule of the PS4/XBox One for the second half of 2014.

Sniper Elite - 7/1
Diablo 3 - 8/19
Metro Redux - 8/26
Madden NFL 15 - 8/26
Destiny - 9/9
NHL 15 - 9/9
Disney Infinity 2.0 - 9/23
FIFA 15 - 9/23
Skylanders Trap Team - 10/5
Dragon Age Inquisition - 10/7
Shadow of Mordor - 10/7
Alien Isolation - 10/7
NBA 2K15 - 10/7
NBA Live 15 - 10/7
Evolve - 10/21
The Evil Within - 10/21
Battlefield Hardline - 10/21
Just Dance 2015 - 10/21
Assassin's Creed Unity - 10/28
WWE 2K15 - 10/28
COD: Advanced Warfare - 11/4
The Crew - 11/11
Far Cry 4 - 11/18
Lego Batman 3 - 11/30
Grand Theft Auto V - Fall 2014

Now let us compare that with the retail releases for the Wii U. I will include exclusives for this list.

Disney Infinity 2.0 - 9/23
Hyrule Warriors - 9/26
Skylanders Trap Team - 10/5
Just Dance 2015 - 10/21
Lego Batman 3 - 11/30
Bayonetta 2 - October
Super Smash Bros - Holiday 2014

Even without the PS4 and XBox One exclusives, most consumers will see that both of consoles have a stronger lineup than the Wii U for the second half of 2014. If Microsoft can bundle a Kinectless XBox One with the Halo Master Chief Collection for $400, they may be the top selling console during the holidays. PS4 will extend its lead during the summer and fall with The Last of Us and Destiny bundles. I expect the Wii U sales to slow down after July 30 and the ending of the exceptional Mario Kart 8 + free game deal.

wonderfulmonkeyman2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

Frampt, I'm sorry, but if you're going to do a fair list, then you've got to either leave out the multiplats/also-coming-to-PC games for the PS4/XBone and compare exclusives only, or start including all of the indies due to hit Nintendo's system this year alongside any possible third party games you've forgotten to list.
Otherwise your list is lop-sided against the Wii U and doesn't fairly represent your argument.

As it is now, the Wii U has the most exclusive games of 2014.
PC is all most people would need for third parties, in any event, and given the prices on tech as it ages and the minimum price bar lowering for a really good gaming PC, there's really not much call to get any other system that boasts third parties as their strength unless you just really like what the machine is offering aside from their third party games.[which is perfectly fine]

My point stands; the Wii U's line-up isn't the weakest when a fair comparison is made, and preference does play a part.
And it's not likely to slow down in sales, especially with Smash in both October and during the holidays.

Gameseeker_Frampt2283d ago

So basically you don't like any list that shows the weakness of the Wii U lineup. I get it now. You claim that I left the indies off of the Wii U list to make it look bad?! Did you not notice that I didn't list any indies for the PS4 or XBox One or do you actually think that they don't have any? I thought that saying that these were lists of retail games was enough for some to understand that digital games were not included. You also claim that I missed some third party games for the Wii U - please name them so that I can add them to the list.

How exactly does a game being on PC make it irrelevant to consider when someone is trying to decide what console to buy? If someone says that they are looking for a console to buy and your response is for them to ignore most games because they are on PC, you pretty much have missed the point of their question. They want a console. They want to play games in the console environment. They don't care if games are also on PC.

I just don't understand how you can pretend that third party games both don't exist and don't matter when it comes to comparing consoles. Is the only way to make the Wii U look appealing is by creating an artificial set of conditions that paint it in the best light? Will your disbelief of third party games mean that consumers shopping in stores not notice the 4 times as many new retail games on PS4 and XBox One vs the Wii U? Has the fact that a game is also on PC ever meant that consumers have completely ignored that it was on consoles?

Just because you love a console doesn't mean that you have to live in a bubble. It sure as hell doesn't mean the rest of the world is going share your bubble.

The 10th Rider2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )


Diablo, Metro, and Grand Theft Auto are already available for last gen and 6 of those games you listed are sports games. Assassin's Creed and Call of Duty we see EVERY year. You also forgot to include Captain Toad's Treasure Tracker, Devil's Third and Sonic Boom.

With those in consideration all 3 consoles actually have a pretty comparable line-up. The Wii U is hardly 'definitely' the weakest of the 3.

The 10th Rider2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

Oh, and if you are including remake of games for last gen you could easily throw Wii Sports Club and Bayonetta 1 on the Wii U list.

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Rimeskeem2283d ago

When uncharted 4 was "shown" at e3 and announced for 2015 I started to cry years of joy

deafdani2283d ago

That's not entirely true.If someone went and bought a Wii U right now, he/she would have a pretty respectable backlog of superb games to choose from. More than enpugh to play until more good games come out on the remainder of this year and 2015.

It's not like Mario Kart 8 is the only good game in the system, not by a long shot.

MSBAUSTX2283d ago

Thank you for being a voice of reason. Tons more content to play on Wii U than any other next gen right now with only more to come! And buy MK8 get a game free! Best value by far right now.

ramiuk12283d ago

problem all new gen consoles have isa they not many games for that part of the world.
once a solid driving game hits ps4 then sales will increase for them.
but jap[an isnt a consoel country imo,there more into there onbline pc mmos and mobile,portable games.

360ICE2282d ago

Except maybe Wii U, which has already dropped some of its absolute biggest cards.

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aceitman2283d ago

What is going on is that killer games tax hike. And to just say ps4 is weak with no games out the last few weeks against the wii u which has a strong title out is just sad for the author to say. Is only 1,700.behind wii u . The big factor is the tax even the handhelds took a hit.

pwnsause_returns2283d ago

"Ps has no games"

-that 2007 talk lol

fatneal2283d ago

dude being honest ps4 doesnt have any games though...ive never owned a MS console ever and i think they have a better library than sony right now. nintendo has the most and the best games of the 3 but thats expected since theyve been out longer

SoapShoes2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

^ You've got to be freaking kidding! Microsoft hasn't had a big game since Titanfall and won't have anything till fall. PS4 has had exclusives since March(MLB The Show) and in July and August will have an exclusive. Not even talking about indies. Microsoft doesn't have a bad fall but from March till fall they have nothing. Sony overall has more excusives this year not counting indies.

pwnsause_returns2283d ago

it just seems the same every generation...Critizing new consoles for not having games....

Last I heard, The PS4 and Xbone launched with more games than their predecessors.... So calm your nipples....

FanboyKilla2283d ago

@pwnsause lol i was thinking the same thing. Like uh oooh here it go again. I watched one of those ign shows TODAY and dude was like "resogun is the best game on ps4". No one even argued his point, that was sad. They just looked at each other like, yeah, pretty much. And moved right along. Wow!!

fatneal2283d ago

@soapshoes bro...
when i say 'they dont have any games" i mean the games they have available are just ok. killzone was average...second son was praised because it was pretty...resogun is good...thats it! has killer instinct, dead rising, forza, titanfall

my point is MS has better games that also have replay value right now. you cant accuse me of being a fanboy because ive never owned a MS console and im actually a nintendo guy who loves sony as well but my unbiased opinion is sony wont be worth anything until next year

@pwnsause_returns and @FanboyKilla its facts though. sony although selling the most consoles has the weakest library of the 3 2015 will be a better year for sony and MS

thereapersson2282d ago

One of the dumbest arguments I've seen. So second son has no replay value? Tomb raider? Fatneal, guess you missed the exclusive influx that's coming for PS4 later THIS year. You show ignorance by admitting you don't own a ps4, and yet you sit there and try to say the games have no replay value when you haven't even played them. How does that even work?

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aceitman2283d ago

Plz keep on subject, where talking japan not global,As far as ps4 not having games its only in japan. They dont have the library that Japanese gamers really want . But ps4 has a larger variety and more games than x1.

Death2283d ago

Take out the PS3 ports, indie shovelware, and multiplatform games and what is left? Knack, Killzone and Infamous? Considering Knack and Killzone were launch titles, not much is going on. I would imagine many didn't buy the worlds most powerful game console to play indies that could run on a PS2.

SoapShoes2283d ago

Oh convenient, take out games to make your case. No one cares what you have to say Death because of your irrational logic. Tell us what X1 has had going for it since Titanfall? Nothing.... At least PS4 had MLB The Show.

Death2283d ago

The Xbox One has had very little also. Titanfall, Dead Rising, Ryse, and Forza round out it's list of exclusives to date.

If we are looking at reasons to buy a PS4 in Japan which is the topic at hand, the Xbox One has very little to do with it so I'm not sure why you brought it up.

As for the convenience of eliminating the ports and shovelware, I'm not sure why many would upgrade to a PS4 to simply play PS3 ports. Perhaps this is more the reason why Japan hasn't embraced the system. It makes more sense than "tax".

SoapShoes2283d ago

I didn't bring it up, aceitman did and you responded to it. When PS3 ANNNNDDD 360 released most of their games were cross gen ports and it has been that way since the early days of console gaming. Which really makes your argument no more plausible than "tax."

Death2283d ago

I responded to your post above mine. "The early days" are different for you and I. In the actual early days, gaming was just starting with nothing before it. If you are talking PS2 onward, then I agree. We see many cross gen ports, but those are hardly the reason people upgrade to the new consoles. It is the early exclusives that are not available on the current gen that make people want to jump into the next gen. The ports are filler in between new games that take advantage of the new consoles power.

I am impressed that you think a lack of must have games has no effect on the slow sales.

SilentNegotiator2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

"Take out the PS3 ports, indie shovelware, and multiplatform games and what is left?"

Don't forget to exclude shooters, racers, games made in the east, games made in the west, and games playable on Ps4. Then you'll have the ultimate Xbone Fanboy Buyer's Guide to the Ps4.

So much insecurity.

r2oB2283d ago

@ Death

Every time there is an article about how PS4 games have better graphics, Xbox fanatics dodge the issue by saying graphics don't matter gameplay does. Now here you are calling indie titles shovelware? Why? Because it doesn't fit your agenda? Many of the Indie games on the PS4 have better gameplay mechanics than some of the retail exclusives on the Xbox One. If gameplay is such a big factor, why remove them from the equation if they are good games? You also mention removing PS3 "ports", neglecting the fact that a lot of users on here are grasping to TMCC as the "second coming" and the next big system seller (since apparently Titanfall did not live up to it) despite the fact that it consists of re-releases also. You imagine many didn't buy the PS4 to play indies that "could run on PS2" (which is a lie, since they can't), do you also imagine many people won't buy an Xbox One to play games that could run on the original Xbox (And actually did, I.e. Halo 1&2)?

MSBAUSTX2283d ago

Well i dont know about Japan, but at the best buy close to my house i have been staring at the same dam games for PS4 and XB1 for the past three months. Both consoles have added maybe one or two games since i bought them in march. That is unacceptable and is forcing me to play my Wii U instead of the other two because there is nothing to play besides Forza and or second son. Cant argue with it man because everyone here has been staring at the same 10 to 15 games available at the stores for months.

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360ICE2282d ago

Biggest hit from the tax hike came some time ago. As the article states, app sales have gone way up.

Wrightylfc882283d ago

Why is everyone saying 2014 isnt a good year?? Between august and november there are 16 games that I personally want and thats just the ps4 and theres probably triple that many games altogether so no 2014 isnt a good year its a great year!!

TheFutureIsBlue2283d ago

Agreed. Come the end of the year we will have trouble picking GotY with all the great games coming out!

SoapShoes2283d ago

Just dumb fanboys! You know why PS4 is selling so much? It's because the general public doesnt agree with fanboys who say it has no games, they aren't that stupid to fall for that crap.

DevilishSix2283d ago

Sales will pick up end of July when TLOU is released. Summer months or slow and game releases are dry, but August has Diablo 3, Metro redux, then Destiny comes out. Sales should be weaker until TLOU and the bundle comes out.

vongruetz2283d ago

Shouldn't this article actually be titled "Consoles not as popular in Japan as they once were" ? Saying PS4 summer sales weakness, you're led to believe that it's total sales of the PS4 when he's just talking about Japan, which has seemed to have moved on from consoles for the most part. Handhelds and smartphones are the name of the game there now.

uth112283d ago

I agree. It was all about Japan. They've had a real cultural shift to mobile gaming that I'm not sure the rest of the world has.

DevilishSix2283d ago

Japan is not immune to summer droughts, my original comment stands, I simply used US release schedule as example.

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