Power Stone 2 Is Everything I Want Super Smash Bros. to Be

GeekParty writes: "Technically speaking, Smash Bros. predates Power Stone 2. While the original Power Stone made its debut in 1999, the sequel wasn’t released until 2000, one year after the first Smash Bros. title. They were two similar games that happened to come out around the same time, and it’s unlikely that either title influenced the other in any way."

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fatneal2392d ago

powerstone is in my top 3 as far as dreamcast games go. with that said i like my powerstone stoney and i like my smash bros smashy....

since sony has ps allstars and nintendo obviously has smash id like to see microsoft pay capcom for powersone 3 exclusive to preorder it

wonderfulmonkeyman2392d ago

I'd prefer Powerstone 3 to hit all 3 consoles if possible, but I do see the logic in your statement since Microsoft doesn't really have anything like Smash or PSAS.[which I still believe is a Brawl clone with super meters, but w/e]

fatneal2392d ago

i say microsoft because nintendo has smash so hypothetically speaking if nintendo bought capcom they would never revive powerstone...and sony wouldnt either because they have PSAS

and yes PSAS is brawl lite...has great potential sure the sequel on ps4 will be much better

frezhblunts2392d ago

Besides why would microsoft get that game, they got killer instinct so far

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2392d ago

except SSB was originally a SNES game after Kirby Super Star. It then move to N64. But it was Dragon King the fighting game first before Nintendo mascots flooded Sakurai mind.

frezhblunts2392d ago

I loved Power Stone as a kid and power stone 2 made it all the better, I still have the first one and the sega dreamcast but I got to admit Super Smash bros is way better, I feel like I need a lot more skills in smash bros to win. Super Smash bros is just the better game and I hope they don't make it like power stone, don't ruin a good game ;0