Bandai Namco Announces Anime Expo 2014 Lineup

Hardcore Gamer: In recent years, Anime Expo seems to be becoming a place where the general public can get their hands on games featured at the same location just weeks ago at E3. Adding to that perception again this year is Bandai Namco, who've announced their line-up for Anime Expo 2014.

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ValKilmer3624d ago

It really is becoming E3 for the Japanese-loving general public. And hey, here we get to admire some sweet tenderonis ;).

Whxian3624d ago

too early for that, and i think they are too busy selling hearts and xillia 2 which are closer to release, ofcourse that doesn't rule out that they could mention it. they just dont have much other than maybe a little bit of gameplay to show even if they did mention it.

Activemessiah3624d ago

Still no sign of that "Pokken" game... next E3 then.

stripe8143624d ago

i wonder when will i see the Nino Kuni sequel. :(

Whxian3624d ago

probably not a sequel but hopefully level 5 could make something as good, however the japanese would know about it before us, so if anything it would be announced at their event tgs

MWH3624d ago

two things I want to read:

Bandai Namco Announces Tekken 7
Bandai Namco Announces Soul Calibur VI (with original announcer's voice)

Kurisu3624d ago

I'm looking forward to Tekken 7. Hope they announce it soon because it will take forever to release by the time it releases for arcades first.


Square & Bandai Namco Being Honest About Quality Is A Step In The Right Direction

Saad from eXputer: "After suffering from massive financial hits, Square Enix & Bandai Namco appear to be turning over a new leaf but I'm still unconvinced."

Nerdmaster30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

I was talking about games with some Japanese guys here in Japan, and it seems like around here Bandai Namco has a fame of making low-quality games, with the occasional gem.

About Square Enix, I believe they lack the capacity to improve. They should learn with Capcom (although even Capcom still makes some bad mistakes), but I don't think they ever will. They keep chasing whatever is new at the time (blockchain, AI...) to say "we innovate", without considering the public perception and if these things actually improve the games or not. Them releasing too many small games with no advertising also shows a lack of trust in its own products. Even with their biggest games, like turning FF into an action game with XVI and the very divisive plot changes regarding whispers and timelines in VII Remake, shows them trying to attract a new generation of gamers without understanding what made the series so big in the first place.

shinoff218330d ago

I want a true ff7 remake. With thatcsaid I'm way happier with 7 remake then I was with ff16. I'd still prefer turn based but square keep chasing these Lil kids

Snookies1229d ago

Man, it is perfectly fine to prefer turn based. Turn based is amazing. But there's zero reason to call anyone who likes action games "lil kids". Liking one gameplay system over another does not make you more mature in any way.

VersusDMC30d ago

People love the new FF's overall...the problem is the abundance of 7's they release that lose money or make very little like diofield, star ocean divine force, Valkyrie asylum, harvestella, foam stars, etc. Advertising wouldn't have saved those games. Apparently Forespoken had a big Advertising budget but we saw how that went.

shinoff218330d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Star ocean divine force actually sold well from what I've read not ff type numbers but well enough. Was a dope game to.

FinalFantasyFanatic29d ago

Bandai Namco is going to Bandai Namco, I do believe that Square Enix can't change without changing the entire management, they've had these issues for more than a decade and haven't learnt, I have very little faith they can course correct. I'll still buy their better remasters/remakes like Star Ocean 2 though (not FF7R).

Asterphoenix29d ago

Namco is just milking the same Sword Art Online with lack of budget as well as anime IPs that don't go to decent developers like Jujutsu Kaisen and My Hero Academia. Namco deserves their losses and no future Dot Hack or Xenosaga remaster :(.

Square allocated lot of their budget on Forspoken was a mistake. Square always had management issues. Star Ocean 2 was a great remake and I found their recent entries of FF(16 and Rebirth) better than 13 and 15.
I think they were better than 360/PS3 generation where Square went really downhill.

CrimsonWing6930d ago

I don’t know why NOW they decide on this, but I guess later is better than never.


Tekken 8 Mods Website Receives Infringement Notice From Bandai Namco

A popular Tekken 8 mods website has received a notice of infringement from Bandai Namco, but they're fighting back for the players.

Terry_B48d ago

What Namco is doing here totally sucks.

H948d ago

Namco is even attacking Tekken 7 mod videos

PRIMORDUS48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

I torrented the game on PC, and now will post the link right on their twitter account ripping them a new asshole and then say now you can't do shit LOL. Leave modders alone. Sooner or later the way the industry is going I will not buy anything anymore, and just take what I want. I'm buying very little now, as it is. The future does not look good at all.

KwietStorm_BLM48d ago

Daaamn they won't know what to do with themselves


Nope LOL. The game industry is going to get worse before it gets better. Actually I don't even think it will get better which is the sad part. Even if Bandai does not see that link, by me posting it I can influence people who don't know much about torrenting can now maybe get interested and learn about it. 😁

DivineHand12547d ago

Don't do anything to put yourself at risk.


But I do this often, 😁 I'm sure companies must be pissed because they know they are helpless with taking down torrents, and maybe I can teach some people how to do it by posting links, they might take an interest LOL

KwietStorm_BLM45d ago

Oh you thought I was being serious. My apologies.

CrimsonWing6948d ago

Why are publishers cracking down on mods all of a sudden? It’s like if you bought a coloring book and then drew over the art and made the art look like something popular. Are the coloring book companies going to pull this sh*t?

Why is industry going more and more full r*tard?

Skuletor48d ago

Why? Because they want to nickel and dime customers with cosmetic microtransactions. It's hard when the modders do a better job then them plus at no extra cost.

TriniOutsider48d ago

A lot of it has to do with copyright infringement. Something similar happened with Little Big Planet back in the day. Where Nintendo wanted created levels pulled from the game because people made almost full blown Mario Levels.