Bandai Namco Announces Anime Expo 2014 Lineup

Hardcore Gamer: In recent years, Anime Expo seems to be becoming a place where the general public can get their hands on games featured at the same location just weeks ago at E3. Adding to that perception again this year is Bandai Namco, who've announced their line-up for Anime Expo 2014.

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ValKilmer2343d ago

It really is becoming E3 for the Japanese-loving general public. And hey, here we get to admire some sweet tenderonis ;).

Magicite2343d ago

No Tales of Zestiria :(

Whxian2343d ago

too early for that, and i think they are too busy selling hearts and xillia 2 which are closer to release, ofcourse that doesn't rule out that they could mention it. they just dont have much other than maybe a little bit of gameplay to show even if they did mention it.

Activemessiah2343d ago

Still no sign of that "Pokken" game... next E3 then.

stripe8142343d ago

i wonder when will i see the Nino Kuni sequel. :(

Whxian2343d ago

probably not a sequel but hopefully level 5 could make something as good, however the japanese would know about it before us, so if anything it would be announced at their event tgs

MWH2343d ago

two things I want to read:

Bandai Namco Announces Tekken 7
Bandai Namco Announces Soul Calibur VI (with original announcer's voice)

Kurisu2343d ago

I'm looking forward to Tekken 7. Hope they announce it soon because it will take forever to release by the time it releases for arcades first.