The Best Players At Every Position in Madden 15

MaddenSchool writes, "Every year we get asked who the best players at each position are. Most people understand that the best players in Madden 15 aren’t simply the highest rated. They are usually pretty highly rated but have other important things like a good speed rating or above average height. Below we have compiled a list of the best players at each position (not in any particular order) for Madden NFL 15."

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JetsFool35002583d ago

The fact that Johnny Manziel who hasnt took a snap in nfl is a top QB Is Bullshit leave that top spot for Ben roethlisberger or phillip rivers

NoobJobz2583d ago

Well it did say in the article that it isn't based on ratings. The logic was that Manziel will be a good Madden player. Good speed and arm. Most people like picking fast QBs in Madden. But then again if we go off speed why is Kaep not on the list? He is a Madden QB.

Anywho, I don't think anybody would take Manziel over Ben or Phillip in real
Life at this point. But in madden? Probably.

SpinalRemains1382583d ago

Did you watch Phillip Rivers last season?

Look, I'm a Raiders fan and I hate the guy, but he is still a dam dam good QB, and most teams would be vastly improved with him taking snaps.

JetsFool35002583d ago

No it all depends whos playing im not a crash dummy that scrambles alot with the quarterback because they get injured too easy

mikeslemonade2583d ago

They're missing Jordan Cameron and Josh Gordon.

N4G fantasy football for the comment section??

NoobJobz2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )


Yes I did. He's a top 5 QB. This article was all about Madden, not real life. Obviously Rivers is in the top list of real life QBs. My point was about Madden QBs. Many people go for speed at QB. So in that regard Manziel would be a better MADDEN qb because he suits more playstyles. Once again, nobody is going to take manziel over rivers in real life.

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Bonkerz2583d ago

That list is majority crap, Manziel a player that hasnt thrown a pass in the NFL is one of the highest ranked QBs that is complete BS. Chris Johnson a RB that has been on the downhill for years but ofcourse EA wants to make him be a god since he had a couple good seasons. Lesean Mccoy the RB that fumbles more than anything, and i can go on and on. EA never does the ratings right...

mantis_toboggan_phd2583d ago

Lesean mccoy has 1194 career caries and has fumbled 9 times so I really dont think you know what you're talking about.

Kevin263852583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

This should probably be an opinion piece...

chuck8262582d ago

He forgot about Drew Brees