Ultimate Editions of Madden NFL 15, FIFA 15 & NHL 15 Detailed

GoodGameBro writes, "After generating more than $380 Million from Ultimate Team services in fiscal year 2014, it is no surprise that EA SPORTS is offering Ultimate Editions of Madden NFL 15, FIFA 15 and NHL 15.

A press release distributed today detailed the Ultimate Editions for each game."

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TearsOfARapper2551d ago

I can't help but spend any left over credit I have in my accounts on these damn Ultimate Team packs, so I'm OK with it. If I'm constantly getting new ones each week then perhaps I won't do that anymore.

ifistbrowni2550d ago

Ultimate team is an addictive nightmare.

I wonder if these Ultimate Editions will be featured on the ps store as digital downloads? If so, i will purchase it. $10 for 50 gold packs is worth it in my eyes. Just wish you could sell the contents you receive from your free pack.

jnemesh2551d ago

Remember the "good ole days" when we just spent $50 on a game? Now, $60/year isn't enough for EA, they have to DLC us to death! NO THANKS!

iistuii2551d ago

It's an option. I have played FUT from the very start & have NEVER spent money on a pack. I play & enjoy earning my coins to purchase my packs. If people want to buy packs to get a quick start on the competition, then that's their choice. But personally there's nothing better than my gold team of average players beating a star studded side that has probably spent all his wages/pocket money on his team.

jnemesh2551d ago

I disagree. They are using "Free to play" mechanics in a game they are charging $60 for. This is pure bullshit, any way you look at it!

yezz2551d ago (Edited 2550d ago )


How exactly? No one is forcing you to buy these packs and you can do well without buying them.. As long as I can buy packs and players with ingame coins I have no problem with this.

CerebralAssassin2550d ago

Remember the "good ole days" when you wish there was more to that game you just spent $50 on? now we want to complain about the OPTION to give ourselves more content... yes, no thanks...

Soldierone2551d ago

It's an extra ten dollars. I guess if you are into it then by all means it's not a bad deal.

As for me? I haven't purchased a single pack and I've had NHL 14 since it released.

Metfanant2551d ago

Ultimate Team* Editions

Kevin263852551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

It's Ultimate Editions. Here is some of the press release:


Fans that want the maximum value out of their sports gaming experience this year need to look no further than the Ultimate Editions of Madden NFL 15, FIFA 15 and NHL 15. Players can pre-order now to access additional value in the form of Ultimate Team packs, special player gear and more when each game launches later this year.

Players who purchase the Ultimate Edition of Madden NFL 15 will receive three Ultimate Team Pro Packs a week for 10 weeks, for a grand total of 30 packs. Ultimate Edition owners will also get a special Draft Pack featuring 10 of the first-round picks from this year’s NFL Draft. For more information on Madden NFL 15 Ultimate Edition..."