Yu-Gi-Oh! Noble Knights of the Round Table Box Set

Are you a fan of the Arthurian legend? Do you like cards games? Well you are in for a treat. Coming soon, to support Yu-Gi-Oh!’s already existing Arthurian “Noble Knight” archetype they are releasing a special box set.

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Konami Marks New Record With 70% Profit Increase Driven by Games

Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid publisher Konami has reported record profits this year, driven largely by its video games and amusements.

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CS713d ago

Interesting that Konami is releasing nothing of note and still enjoying high profits. I guess this is the allure to companies.

VenomUK13d ago

It was probably due to the half-hearted release of the Metal Gear Solid Collection v1.

Imagine the extra sales Konami could’ve made if it had put some effort into it.

JL293011d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Half hearted? MGS: MC is the best collection of Metal Gear games you can get with tons of bonus content.

Why are you mad? Because they didn't make the games 4K so you can see the low resolution textures and warping better? Most of you cry babies never even touched the MSX Metal Gears.

SimpleDad13d ago

Of course, they rereleased MGS series on modern platforms. Thank You Mr. Kojima.

shinoff218312d ago

Suikoden 1 and 2 remasters any day now wtf konami


Since The Contra Revival Shows Konami Still Cares, How About A New Castlevania?

Hanzala from eXputer: "Contra: Operation Galuga is a classic revival done right, but why hasn't Konami done the same yet for the bigger and more popular Castlevania?"

shinoff218349d ago

Slowdown. Let them get these suikoden games done first. Alot of us are still waiting for those

XiNatsuDragnel49d ago

Castlevania fighting game for wii needs to be remade plz

Aphrodia48d ago

well, the new C ontra was made by Wayforward, who have been taking sooooo many of these classic franchises and making new iterations of them. Imo they aren't very good at it. And I don't see operation galuga being a large enough success to possibly give them Castlevania.


Konami Announces Record Financial Results and Boosts Sales and Profit Outlook for the Full Year

Today Konami announced its financial results for the first nine months of the fiscal year, related to the period between April 2023 and December 2023.

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Murdability107d ago

It’s almost like Metal Gear is a well known franchise

just_looken107d ago

Horrible news more proof todays "gamer" is just a cow ready to be milked.

That mgs collection is no better than my ps3 copy but my ps3 copy has 0 server restrictions i always roll my eyes when reviewers or these new "youtube gamer" channels show off the information books on a webpage via a trash in game browser or the lack of controller support like it s a good thing.

Also GOG still has a better version mgs 1 or use the duck ps1 emulator.

Well time for the peace walker remaster pc port 480p 20fps needs a rtx 3090 or 6900xt to run with dunovo konami account then a govt id check.

just_looken105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

All the bonus content on the new collection needs a konami server to load them up if you pull your lan cord only the games will work but that is temp as those games are digital goods.

When i said digital i know there is a disc version games are on the disc i was referring to the pc version and the patches after the fact but yes ps5 has a disc version.

Here is the online bit