Burning Questions: PS3--The Blu-ray Movie Experience

Sony's PlayStation 3 with controllerFrom the outset, Sony has considered the PlayStation 3 an all-around entertainment console, with tendrils that extend well beyond the realm of game play. Perhaps chief among these is its support for the Blu-ray Disc format, which lets you play high-definition movies. But can the PS3 perform competitively with stand-alone Blu-ray players from consumer electronics makers?

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specialguest4450d ago

it's a good entry level Bluray player for those who can't afford $1000 stand alone one. just like how the PS2 was a good entry level DVD player.

GamerMan4450d ago

The PS2 was not an entry level DVD player compared to the price of DVD players. It was 50-100 dollars more than a stand alone dvd player, but if you are a gamer and wanted a DVD player also and didn't own a dvd player already then yes it was a decent way to watch dvd movies also.

Now in the sense of BD-rom player I will say that the PS3 is a good entry level player plus it gives you the ability to play games, but lets face it. Most Hi-def movie buffs will want the stand alone but if they are a slight gamer, they "may" go for the PS3 instead.

Personally, I'm a gamer and want to play games and its a bonus to have the BD-rom because I was going to be buying one anyways.. this actually will save me money this way.

Arkham4450d ago

The 1080p24 and upscaling are apparently being considered for a future update. It's too early to write this off as a permanent flaw.

SlaughterMeister4450d ago

the ps3 sounds like it will operate pretty much exactly like the ps2 does for movie playback.

takes a little getting used to the controls, but it works well once you do.