30 minutes of MGSV at 60 fps

Gamersyde - You may have seen it before, but never with this quality! Here is the full E3 presentation of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, as shown last week for the first time, but now in full 1080p and 60 fps. A huge thank you to Ken-Ichiro Imaizumi at Kojima Production for making this possible!
Since the file is *huge*, only bitorrent is available for the download of the original file. The stream is currently encoding and will be available in 1080p60 only in a few hours.

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ramiuk12236d ago

gamersyde have always been mindblowing quality with there videos

elhebbo162236d ago

Yea for me its the only source when it comes to 60fps videos, although I read recently that youtube will start allowing 60fps uploads. finally.

ramiuk12236d ago

they need to have an uncompressed video,to say youtube is such mainstream the quality is still very poor

DevilOgreFish2236d ago

I think 60 fps killed the grass and gravel detail for the consoles.
E3 2013
E3 2014

totally looking forward to when the PC version comes out later.

elhebbo162236d ago

@DevilOgreFish man I wish, hopefully if the game sells well kojima will give it the MGR: revengeance treatment.

thehobbyist2236d ago

The E3 2013 footage was based off of the PC build. Those are the PC graphics. E3 2014 is running on Xbox One.

DevilOgreFish2236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

thehobbyist -

"The E3 2013 footage was based off of the PC build. Those are the PC graphics. E3 2014 is running on Xbox One."

E3 2013 was PC, but E3 2014 was taken from PS4 footage, the same 30 minutes that was just posted.


Apparently the E3 2013 build of MGSV at 1080p 60 fps was too much for PS4.

Kayant2236d ago


Rightttt so explain the generally increase of vegetation in the scene like the tree on the right, the additional grass on the right and front.


"E3 2014 is running on Xbox One" - The same XB1 that can't do Sky simulation and was 720p on MGS:GZ. Yh totally sure it was XB1 footage /s

DevilOgreFish2236d ago

"Rightttt so explain the generally increase of vegetation in the scene like the tree on the right, the additional grass on the right and front. "

if you would call it "vegetation". looks more like paper cutouts, paper cutout trees too.

alexkoepp2236d ago

Looked much more impressive a year ago that is for sure.

hkgamer2235d ago


thanks, never knew about the downgrade, now that i have noticed i canot unsee it. :(


just admit the downgrade, i know a few sceneries have changed, but you can clearly see how flat the new ground looks compared to before.

Dee_912235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

Over exaggeration much? Yea they removed some grass and a few rocks in the part of the video you took a screenshot of,but considering there is still a lot of rocks and grass on the ground its a moot point.
I love when people take a screenshot of a game in a certain situation that looks slightly less than spectacular then act like thats how the entire game will look..Its even funnier with the screenshot you posted because the game still looks amazing.

Removing a bushes of grass and a few rocks isn't a "downgrade" to worry about.The gravel texture looks different because its a different time of day..

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trancefreak2236d ago

Totally agree with you about Gamersyde. I remember they were producing high quality video for KZ2 that were mind blowing at the time.

Now they have become one of my #1 sources media.

NextLevel2236d ago

Gamersyde is the only site you should be watching videos or viewing screens on.

AnEwGuY2236d ago

Unfortunately their game coverage is spotty at best, so there are tons of games that you'll never find videos of there.

Christopher2235d ago

This was some great gameplay footage. They're doing a great job with the game. I have very minor issues with it, and that's in its current stage. But, I loved the open world, the base building, all of it. And I'm not even a fan of MGS (yet?).

showtimefolks2235d ago

the more i see the more i am sad that we will have to wait very long time before we get to actually play the game.

Bathyj2235d ago

Yeah, I think I'm going to get ground zero

XiSasukeUchiha2235d ago

True, but also this gameplay of MSGV looks fantastic.

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ATi_Elite2236d ago

Sooooooooo sick of FPS talk.

I wanna know if the A.I. has improved and what other special goodies they have tossed in to make the Open World MGS so special.

Destruction maybe? Real time Physics/Ballistics? Care Packages? (j/k)

the game looks great even at 30fps. Fox Engine is to be reckoned with and the game seems stellar so far.

MGS is not a super fast action game so 30fps is good enough just concentrate on other things.

SuperBlunt2236d ago

This future masterpiece is being held back by those old ass consoles. The game design and arcitecture must be identical and in order to do that kojima has to cut corners. Im fine with having to put up with the xbox holding the ps4 ver back a tiny bit but these consoled need to either be forgotten about or have games made exclusively for them

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