Rumor: Sony Bend Canceled a Game in Late 2012 Before Moving to their Current PS4 Project

It's known that Sony Bend is currently working on a PS4 game, but basically nothing else has been revealed about it, besides a few snippets of sparse information revealed by career opportunity ads. Many are surprised about the fact that the new game hasn’t been announced yet, and the reason may be that it took the studio some time after Uncharted: Golden Abyss to settle on the project.

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-Foxtrot3681d ago

Oh well

They are doing a PS4 game now, that's all that matters

AngelicIceDiamond3681d ago

Yeah, hoping these guys can create magic again.

Abash3681d ago

They did a fantastic job on Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Resistance: Retribution. They deserve the spotlight with doing a PS4 game

SamPao3681d ago

They did retribution? That one was really great!!

ShinMaster3681d ago

The question is, was the game completely cancelled or was it MOVED to the PS4?

sonarus3681d ago

Or sony can let them get back to their syphon filter roots.

starchild3681d ago

I used to live near Bend, Oregon and went there quite often. Sony Bend's games have been great and I can't wait to see what they can do on the PS4.

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XiSasukeUchiha3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Unannounced PS3 IP into unannounced PS4 IP!

CuddlyREDRUM3680d ago

They state it was cancelled, not moved to PS4.

dafegamer3681d ago

well it may be the rumored aaa vita game they hired for.
Sucks that its cancelled

hkgamer3681d ago

probably a vita game was cancelled. hope their ps4 project would be great. played a few of sony bends games and think they are fantastic. feel they are better then ready at dawn.

PaleMoonDeath3681d ago

Seeing Ready at Dawn shift onto PS4 to become arguably one of the most anticipated titles for the PS4, is astonishing, with so little breathing room with the Vita I could imagine a breathe of fresh air doing something on the PS4.

Another IP in the catalog, this makes me rather happy.

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Days Gone Studio's New IP Is a Live-Service Game

Days Gone developer appears to be moving well outside its comfort zone in order to join Sony's ongoing foray into live-service games.

Admin note: Updated this to rumor. Job listings can be a good indicator, but let's remember nothing is final until officially announced. ~Christopher

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Sonic1881122d ago

This game will determine the fate of Sony Bend. Not looking to good if it's a live service game.

Lightning77122d ago

That's the regime within Sony to have some of their studios make a LS games.

_SilverHawk_122d ago

Days gone is an amazing game which I believe was unfairly criticized for things a lot of other games gets a pass for. The game is very good but had a few bugs on launch that was quickly patched the day of release. There are so many games that took months to iron out most of the bugs that are highly praised so I can understand if the dev team decides to go a different route.

It's a tricky thing to try to make a sequel of a game because I've seen sequels improve a lot over the first game with new worlds and mechanics and get lower review scores while other games sequel have the same world with minor changes but get better review scores. Whatever the days gone developers are making I believe will be a good game because I know they are a good game studio.

sushimama121d ago

Helldivers 2 proves you can make fun live service games that don't feel like they're nickle and diming you. I am optimistic

Magic_Spatula121d ago

Yea. That has been planned for years.

S2Killinit120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

No, Sony is not allowed to have LS. Everyone else yes, but Sony is not allowed. We wont allow it.

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sushimama121d ago

Why? It's obvious at this point of what not to do when making a live service game. Plus you can see from Helldivers 2 that fun games can be made that don't feel like Microtransactions are weighing you or the game down.

GhostScholar121d ago

For every helldivers 2 there are so many that aren’t good. Let’s not assume every sony live service game is gonna be helldivers 2.

--Onilink--120d ago

To be fair, while Helldivers 2 has been great and quite successful, its only been out for a month and a half.

Its success from a launch standpoint has already been proven, but whether it succeeds as a Live Service game (in particular as one to be used as a model for others) is not really something we know yet.

The whole point of devs and publishers going for live service is the consistent revenue they provide over several years, not just 1-2 months