PS3 Launch Stories

The PS3 launched this morning in North America. Many of you have been standing in line for hours (some even days) to get your hands on one of the 400 000 PS3s that Sony have shipped to retailers. Though recent reports suggest that the number of PS3s available on launch day will only be 200 000. To make things even worse eBayers have been paying homeless people to stand in line for days making it even harder for real gamers to get their hands the much anticipated next-gen console from Sony.

So did you get your hands on a PS3 today or did you leave empty handed? Please share your PS3 launch story with our readers in the comment section below.

Here are a few YouTube vidoes from the launch

Playstation 3 Dash - Ames Best Buy
The mad rush to get in line for the Playstation 3. The goal was to run across at midnight and get as close to a sign on the wall.

Playstation 3 BestBuy Campout
In front of the Best Buy in Daytona Beach, somebody meet a crazy dude. ...

PS3 Madness - Cleveland Style
10 year old Ebayer waiting in line for his PS3 which he hope will make him filthy rich. The sad part is that it probably will..

Midnight Launch Lineup
The lineup at the Best Buy in West Hollywood 24 hours prior to the PS3 launch. The person at the front of the line has been waiting since last Tuesday, at 1 am. The line was probably over 150 people.

PS3 fans quit jobs and postpone engagement to wait in line
What are you willing to go through to get a Sony PlayStation 3? We went to the Best Buy store in Burbank where people already started lining up eight days before the launch. One guy quit his job to stand in line, while another won't have enough money to buy an engagement ring for his girlfriend.

Homless wait in line for PlayStation 3
A man drops off homeless people at a local target so they can buy him some PS3s he can later sell on eBay for $2000 a piece.

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HaHa4448d ago

'i don't really need one'
'i don't really need one'

Capt CHAOS4445d ago

the console craze so much stronger on the PS3 launch than with the 360 launch? I don't remember such long lines etc on the 360 launch.

splitrockvideo4448d ago

I am 5 in line at EB in upstate NY, picking it up this morning and will be plugging it in by noon. IF your a PS3 basher and don't like what I say, just skip by my comment and go on to better things in life. You may voice yourself graphically at keepyourps3 dot com.

BigPimpin4447d ago

Enjoy playing the PS3 today. I won't be getting a PS3 until February but if you guys want to know what my online name will be, I'm going to call myself "BigPimpin" like my name is on here. Enjoy :)