Spy vs. Spy Sneaks Onto Android

Carl Williams writes, "The classic Spy vs. Spy from the pages of MAD Magazine is no stranger to gaming. In the distant past there were versions for the NES, Commodore computers, Atari and Apple II to name a few. This game got around on many retro platforms. Now, thanks to Chillingo, Spy vs. Spy is back, this time on Android (previously having infiltrated the iOS platform)."

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MRMagoo1232641d ago

I used to play this on my old amstrad cpc 464 plus, I think I have spy vs spy 1 and 2 back then. they where fun games to play in 2 player and against a.i.

-Foxtrot2641d ago

The Ps2 Spy vs Spy game was great and I loved the multiplayer how you could lay down traps like a bucket of acid on top of a door or a bomb in a safe to kill people

Imagine stuff like that in an AAA game, it could be great

MegaRay2641d ago

The ps2 game was good, if only it supported 4 players tho

maniacmayhem2641d ago

The NES Spy vs Spy was extremely fun. A friend and I rented it from a mom and pops video store just because there was nothing else to play and we ended up having the best time playing it.

With today's consoles and online gameplay this IP could easily make a comeback.