The Daily Five: Annoying Open World Game Problems

"Despite my love for the genre, playing through the recently released Watch Dogs reminds me that there are a few things that every open world game always seems to do wrong. Not major, game breaking details mind you; just minor things that get annoying after you’ve seen the same mistake made time and time again." - Travis Tucker

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diesoft2595d ago

In addition to your points, I would also like to add in more "little stuff". It's way more immersive to be able to do the things we take for granted every day just to feel a little more "in" the game. Use the restroom (not pornographically lol), wash your hands, check out a car's glovebox, sit down and have a meal, use a payphone, interact with anything that could actually be something in real life. I don't actually mean something like the sims series but more like a FPS or even third person action game that has more than just the action.

I badly want to be more immersed in my games. If anybody has any recommendations, let me know! I haven't found them.

Jyndal2594d ago

Shenmue was about as immersive as a game can get, but the problem with that is that it can become more chore than game.

I'd personally like to see more in the way of 'more places to go'. No Man's Sky looks like it could offer that.

SaveFerris2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

I agree with the points raised in the article and with some of the above @diesoft and @Jyndal.

Certain issues such as the recycled dialog could be difficult to overcome. How much dialog, actions etc. do you need to record for each NPC?

Being able to enter more buildings would be nice, though I know it would require more interiors to be created, as well as needing to populate them with NPCs. Could procedural generation help with this?

Also, more randomising of vehicles as I still notice this a bit in GTAV. I haven't played Watch Dogs so I don't know if this applies.

Grave2594d ago

The reflections in Watch Dogs are laughably bad.