Square Enix Could Bring Taito's Arcade Classics to PS4

During the investors meeting held today in Tokyo, Square Enix President Yosuke Matsuda was asked is the company is planning to port its arcade classics to PS4, using Darius and The Ninja Warriors as examples.

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Maddens Raiders1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

I've got my quarter on deck lol. Who's next? Man, Taito made some killer old school classics that would make any arcade dweller nostalgic and a little giddy tbh.

Yeah pimp.. couldn't say it better myself. This will be awesome if it comes to fruition.

Knushwood Butt1580d ago

Yeah, I need me some Snow Bros. Classic.

Majin-vegeta1580d ago

I'm not familiar with Taito can someone shed some light on games they've made??

Abriael1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

Wikipedia will have to suffice. If I had to list them all, N4G would implode lol.

Chrono1580d ago

Space Invaders is the most famous one, which happened to be the first game I've ever played.

CervantesPR1580d ago

We need Square Enix,capcom,namco bandai,sega and all other smaller publishers to dethrone EA,activision and Ubisoft, those big 3 publishers need to take some humble pie and take a seat, we need new fresh blood in the industry, enough with all the yearly franchises, DEATH TO REPETITIVENESS and milked anual franchises DIE COD,DIE Assasins Creed and Die all those anual franshises~

jukins1580d ago

yea just their back catalog alone could do this. So many old IPs that im sure people would want to play again or for the first time. This could also let the japanese publishers know if its time for a new game in an old franchise but since it seems like the right thing to do it wont happen ; ;

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1580d ago

Not Ubisoft though they actually make awesome games.

CervantesPR1580d ago

you mean like the downgraded watchdogs that has a ton of problems and is still being patched even on consoles despite them delaying the game? yeah right

S2Killinit1580d ago

Damn the games are pouring into PS4. Only earlier they also announced that Dragon Quest "might" be heading to PS4 (which would be huge)
Good times ahead I think (:

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The story is too old to be commented.