GTA VI: 10 Biggest Rumours

With GTA V receiving this re-release, the rumours, gossip and speculation about GTA VI has once again resurfaced.

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-Foxtrot1629d ago

Main thing I want from GTA VI is that it goes back to one character.

I don't mind playing multiple characters in missions but I just think that the whole switching thing gets a little annoying when you want to do certain missions or buy properties. Instead of having all your money to one person you have it spread out over three.

Hope it has a better soundtrack aswell, something with more variety. It seemed like GTAVs soundtrack was Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Dance and more Rap, with adding modern crap. There wasn't even an oldie station like K-Rose or Flash FM.

Hope they do Vice City though for the next setting. They've done Liberty City and San Andreas the only one left to do in HD is Vice City.

I know it's small but all you have to do is have Vice City, as we know it, in the bottom left/right corner of the map where you start out in the game but surrounding it are other islands with one massive main land across the sea where we'll have the main city and even mountains/forests etc

Geekman1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

It gave the developers a chance to try different characters without the risk of people not buying the game because that was the only character.

Franklin was black. If he were the only character, it's ASSUMED, not confirmed, that the sales would be hurt.

Trevor showed of traits of homosexuality. Had anti-gays noticed this, they would've immediately disliked the game.

So I for one liked the option of playing as a character that normally wouldn't have been included as a main character. I got to relate to different types of characters, and the racist anti-gays got to play as Michael.

TheSaint1628d ago

So if the main was black sales would be hurt?

Maybe go tell that to GTA:San Andreas on the PS2, which has sold millions of copies and has a black protagonist.

Just because you're racist doesn't mean the rest of us are.

Dolf0451628d ago

Dunno the 3 character system let you some pretty wild things within the missions, and the fact that they all had slightly different play styles mixed it up a bit.

Golden_Mud1628d ago

One thing I want R* to do , is to make one of the soundtrack composers M83 , that would be amazing !!!

Stardust2601628d ago

Well, there's only two rap stations (one is modern, the other is classic) and one R&B. There aren't any dance stations, you might've confused space 103.2 (funk), soulwax (electro) and /or worldwide (chillstep) for dance. Los Santos Rock Radio,The Lowdown (R&B), West Coast Classics (Classic rap), Space, Channel X (Punk), the Blue Ark (Reggae), and Rebel (Country) all only play "oldies". There's also Vinewood Boulevard Radio, which plays modern rock that's heavily inspired from alternative rock from the 60s and 90s.

BitbyDeath1628d ago

I really enjoyed having multiple characters, should continue this trait maybe even find a way for some splitscreen madness

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greenyboi1628d ago

Gta VI in London.poke fun at is English . Kent Paul was funny as fuck haha

ThatEnglishDude1628d ago

GTA will always be set in America.

Dolf0451628d ago

Yup. Dan Houser pretty much confirmed GTA is always going to be set in the states.

seanpitt231628d ago

Gta 6 will probably come out in 2017 to 2018 so its a tad early to talk about it I would start talking about red dead redemption 2 thought this should be out next year if we are lucky.

MrChicagoWind1628d ago

Terrible article ... claims 3 GTA games have taken place in San Andreas ...smh...

r1sh121628d ago

LOOL exactly.

I dont get how these rumours already start, the game has not even been out 1 year.

Rockstar will take 3-4 years to come with the next game, they dont rush games.
And they have to write a massive story to accompany the game anyway.

Joe9131628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

Not really if they do the GTA3 thing they can pop them out faster but considering how they did IV in LC and V in SA then it is a slim chance. I remember when V came out someone from R* said they would like to see it to where online gamers can go from one city to the next via plaine ride it would be kool to just add to the online world like that with a setup kinda like Titan fall where it is all online yet there is a bit of a story to tell so you are playing as you and not some character.

Cam9771628d ago Show
Stardust2601628d ago

GTA 1 had a bit that was in San Fierro, which is probably what the author was referring to.

gamerfan09091628d ago

The next GTA game will be in Miami. I don't think Rockstar wants to go through the trouble of building an entirely new city from scratch. I can see them expanding the Vice City landscape and allowing much more of south Florida to be open. I want 3 things to happen in the next GTA. One, I want destructible environments. If I shoot a an RPG at a store, the store should not be standing like nothing happened. Two, I want about 80 percent of the buildings to be open so the I can go and explore inside of them. Three, I want them to expand GTA online and expand the heist element they tried to build in V. There's no reason 3 or 4 years from now the GTA online feature will still be having problems.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx1628d ago

The only other American city I can see them making is New Orleans. pretty much no other city with major differences in each other.

Joe9131628d ago

Midwest lol like that would ever happen but it would be funny to be able to go cow tipping lol.

NotAfanBoyy1628d ago

PLEASE PLEASE San Andreas remasted, enhanced HD!!!!!

Matt6661626d ago

All the GTA's remastered would be amazing

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