Pixelopus Gives Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Look at Entwined and its Crazy E3 Reveal

Hardcore Gamer: Entwined was one of the biggest surprises of Sony's E3 Press Conference. The artistic, metaphor-laden title could be the start of a new trend of instant releases. Entwined had a significant emotional impact on me along with countless other gamers, but the story behind the game and it's surprise release is still a bit of a mystery. I caught up with ten members of the Pixelopus team (Dominic Robilliard, Jeff Sangalli, Lucie Roberts, Becky Roberts, Jing Li, Eric Zhang, Jitesh Mulchandani, Ashwin Kumar, Nagarjuna “Arjun” Harisena, and Haewon Nam), as well as Sony Computer Entertainment America's PR Manager Aram Jabbari, for an exclusive look into Entwined.

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ValKilmer2590d ago

This is such an underrated game.

XiSasukeUchiha2590d ago

This is such good game for being underrated!