Oakland legalizes pinball machines (finally)

Playing pinball is soon to be legal in Oakland, California, for the first time in eight decades when the city outlawed the game due to gambling concerns.

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Neonridr2199d ago

Wow Oakland, way to get with the times..

mikeslemonade2198d ago

Oakland's not safe. Better watch your back while playing those pinball machines.

ErcsYou2199d ago

I know for a fact that nobody in Oakland gives a sh!t about Pinball. Oakland is as close as you can get to the wild wild west.

Tuxmask552199d ago

I always thought of it as a more ghetto Detroit.

ErcsYou2199d ago

Detroit is poor and ghetto. Oakland is hood rich.

spence524902198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )

Both of your comments are ignorant and I'm assuming you either have never been to Oakland or watch to much TV. Every city has problem areas. There are parts of Portland you can consider "ghetto". Stop spreading stupidity.

ErcsYou2198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )

Lol... Portland Oregon.. please. You assume too much. You ever seen a side show.. no... then STFU!.. Respect the Bay. To much pride to let your comment slide.

Tuxmask552198d ago

Spence, I'm in Oakland a few times per month and I can't stand being there.

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King_of_Nothing2198d ago

Lighten up Spence, its the internet.

2198d ago
bez872198d ago

Wow pinball machines are the devil lol, what reason were even banned in the first place, i mean it's just a ball and to flippy flappy paddles and you have to keep the ball up lol what was so bad that it had to be banned.