If You Like a Game, Tell the Developer

Twinfinite writes:

"Humans, you’ve changed me. I can look at something I like now, see negative comments, and feel incredibly inclined to share just how much I like it because I know that would brighten my day. In return for teaching me this, let me (hopefully) brighten your day with this episode of Positive Gamers."

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Mkai281575d ago

I like this twinfinite girl, but her videos can be too long with random ramblings (that's not cute)on the side.. She must crave attention..

3-4-51575d ago

Twinfinite isn't bad, but There is no skill involved in this video. It's just a random person rambling on with bad annoying editing.

What purpose does this video serve ?

They do some good stuff over there, but this is not some of it. It's just......what is this?

thecastroregime1575d ago

It's a message over to just about anybody who enjoys a game. There is so much cynicism in the games industry that sometimes it makes you wonder whether gamers actually enjoy video games. So much hate and criticism makes it sound like they loathe the games they surround themselves with.

As somebody who creates content myself (and endures criticism for it just as much as any other), it's really nice to hear somebody liked your work and what you do. That's the message in this video. If you enjoy a game, tell the developer. It'll undoubtedly put a smile on their face, especially when they likely deal with more criticism than they do praise (even when praise is the more deserving between the two).

Overall, spend more effort on explaining why you like and enjoy things rather than spending that same effort on why you think something is bad. You might just be pleasantly surprised by how much more satisfying it is.

3-4-51575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

Sorry for sharing my opinion. I guess ONLY SHE is allowed to.

I don't dislike her or the site, I just can't tell if they are opinion or professional journalists.

SilentNegotiator1575d ago

Yeah, she's really just not all that funny.

But it's an interesting sentiment. Maybe I will send a nice message to (an indie) developer that's created a game that I've enjoyed.

herobyclicking1575d ago

This plucky and positive attitude is why I like those guys and gales over at Twinfinite. Good job and thank you. Sentiments shared.

Spotie1575d ago

Those gales are a bit too strong for my liking. I don't want to be blown away. Just blown...

Anyway, this is an awesome, simple little suggestion. I'm ashamed to say I've never thought of doing this, myself. I certainly hope this vid gets more exposure.

Sm00thNinja1575d ago

Anyone else get a strong Ellie vibe from this chick? It's cute but feels a lil forced

uth111575d ago

Say something positive, get 4 comments. Say something negative get 400 sadly..

HighResHero1575d ago

I'll leave you a sweet comment. I decided to give your videos another chance after being annoyed by your injection of personal/political opinions as fact
Nice work on this video. Definitely a good idea to support devs(and others) with kind words. So again, good job!
Just (for the love of god) remember to try to remain open minded and question your perceptions. Keep getting better.