Confirmed: Xbox 360, PS3 Switcheroo At Best Buy

Punch Jump confirms Xbox 360 for PS3 details. Earlier this week, Punch Jump ran a report stating that there was a new Best Buy policy in place for when PS3 inevitably sells out. From the earlier report:

According to a Best Buy's retail protocol for selling PlayStation 3, customers who waited in line but didn't get a PS3 will be offered a launch day deal of an Xbox 360 Premium System and two game titles, with a third title at no cost.

Gamespot chimed in stating that the rumor was bogus. But now Punch Jump has struck back, alleging that they have re-confirmed their initial assertion. The website claims that Page 18 of the Best Buy document details the new policy.

"Like in past launches, you'll run out of tickets before you run out of customers. There's a launch day offer for customers who waited in line and didn't get a PS3 but still want a high-definition gaming solution."

And here's how it works:

Three days only – Buy an Xbox 360 Pro System and two Xbox 360 software titles ($49 or more), and get a third Xbox 360 software title (of equal or lesser value) free...

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UrbanJabroni4450d ago

I did it. Are you happy now?

PS360PCROCKS4450d ago

"call us biased but that seems like quite a dissapointing substitute for a playstation 3"

Oh ok what a moron...if anything the 360 has better games this christmas than PS3...oh well still a stupid comment...

Razzy4450d ago

but even I have a breaking point Sony. Not enough systems at launch = me very cranky.

Islandkiwi4450d ago

Question is what games would you pick?

My three right now would be Gears of War, Viva Pinata, and Burnout.

Big Moe4450d ago

Gears of War, Oblivion, and COD3

Ravenator5294450d ago

I understand that (at least its something) but I highly doubt that anyone waiting in line for a PS3 is going to throw that PS3 money towards a 360 and two games, just to get a third game for free.

Either the people in line already have a 360, or they don't want one at all. Its the tard-core fanboys and ebayers who are in line for the PS3 at launch anyway.

Scrumptious4450d ago

Better value for a better system! After readign the horible reviews for the launch line-up, only the hardest fanboy would go out of thier way for the p$3. Basically buying an overpriced RFOM package till the summer.

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