New Afro Samurai Game In Development For PC And Next-Gen Consoles

Banner Saga publisher Versus Evil are going to be releasing an Afro Samurai game, they announced this morning. The game is being developed by Redacted Studios for PC and next-gen consoles.

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Abash2171d ago

Honestly wasn't expecting this, but cool nonetheless

DevilOgreFish2171d ago

I kinda want a samurai champloo next gen game more. this announcement seems pretty cool none the less.

Neoninja2171d ago

This is something unexpected! I loved the show and the first game was decent. I hope RZA does the music again for this game like he did the last one.

rezzah2171d ago

Very likely since he does the music for anything Afro asamurai. He eveb voiced a character in the movie. Plus i bet he'd b the one to play afro in a live movie.

HeavenlySnipes2171d ago

First one was cool

INtroduced the free cutting mechanic used in games like Metal Gear Rising

Hellsvacancy2171d ago

You mean the demo was cool, the full game sucked

I played the demo over and over when it was released, loved it, but when I bought the actual game it was lame as hell, one of the most boring/repetitive games i've ever played, should of stuck with the demo I thought afterwards

I would love a new one, and yes keep RZA

HeavenlySnipes2171d ago

The full game was pretty good

I don't know what game you played lol

Rhezin2171d ago

Love anything Afro Samurai. Wish they would make another film with soundtrack by RZA again.

jukins2171d ago

was gonna say the same thing hopefully another series/movie accompanies this game with RZA doing the music.

DFogz2171d ago

Hope they've got RZA and Samuel L. Jackson (or at least a damn good impersonator). Just wouldn't be Afro without those guys behind it

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