O'Gallagher leaves EA SPORTS for NBA 2K15 & 2K Sports

GoodGameBro writes, "After speaking with numerous sources close to both companies, it appears that O’Gallagher has left EA SPORTS & accepted an offer with 2K Sports. We haven’t been able to reach confirmation on what exactly that offer entails in terms of a position, but we’re under the impression that it deals with NBA 2K15‘s gameplay side of development."

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NYC_Gamer1580d ago

This is 100% confirmed?

MWong1580d ago

Would be good to see some improved defense and a smarter AI in the 2K series.

OwnageDC6501580d ago

Good for him and a wise decision. EA can suck it! Now, hopefully my dream comes true and they bring back 2K football....

keegamer801580d ago

I remember 2k5 was $19.99. It was totally killing Madden. Competition is very important. Having 2k back would boost the creative guys over at ea! Theoretically anyways!

donscrillinger1580d ago

OMFG PLEASE BRING BACK NFL2k FOOTBALL we have suffered long enough .

xJumpManx1580d ago

with no real players and team names. Enjoy but to be honest I hated 2k football the players looked like they were toothpicks and 7 feet tall

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