PS Plus EU July 2014 Game and Trophy Breakdown

Playstation plus lineup for July 2014 has been released with the games broken down based on review score, trophies and our picks for the month

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buffalo10662593d ago

not all that interested in the vita games this month but vessel looks like it could be a good game. Ive never even heard of it before today

NerdBurglars2593d ago

It has been well received so you should enjoy it if you like those kind of games :D

Neonridr2593d ago

Almost Identical to NA, just swap Lego Batman 2 with Muramasa.

NerdBurglars2593d ago

It would be good if the 2 regions had similar updates every month. It sucks when 1 region gets way better games than the other

TheFutureIsBlue2593d ago

Does anyone know the reason why they don't just release the same games?

GameSpawn2593d ago

Product licensing issues in different regions. Just like there is a US, Japan, and Europe division of SCE there are also regional divisions of publishers. Some regions could take longer than others to "green light" a game for use on PS+.

NerdBurglars2593d ago

sony have tried to explain it before but never really made much sense but its meant to be to do with publishers. europe covers a lot of countries so its more work with languages and rights rather than what the usa have. never explains why they dont sync up together though

TheFutureIsBlue2593d ago


Ahhhh. Thanks man!

MasterCornholio2593d ago

Dead Space 3.

I never bought it because of what they did to the franchise but since its free I might well play it.

SamPao2593d ago

I only heard good things about it

monkey6022593d ago

I never really enjoyed it but never traded it because I hadn't finished it. Guess I can now because if I ever do decide to go back to it I can just download it

sprinterboy2593d ago

Strider was worth the wait ;)