Stuck in a console rat race? Time to buy a Wii U

Dealspwn writes: "If you've found yourself grinding through games because you're chasing ranks or unlocks, not enjoying the core experience of simply playing them, the Wii U will remind you why you fell in love with this hobby in the first place. And rekindle it."

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randomass1711579d ago

Parts of this article read like an advertisement, but hey, at least it's honest. I can't really disagree with any of it at all.

Milesprowers1579d ago

Time to buy a Sega Genesis.

Blues Cowboy1579d ago

Yeah, but you would say that, Miles. :P

Still annoyed at watching you flying around... invulnerable... lording it over me...

SpiralTear1579d ago

Careful there, Tails. You might get trolled.

herobyclicking1579d ago

I adore my Wii U. It finally is righting its course. I look forward to the forthcoming releases, good times.

wonderfulmonkeyman1579d ago

The only way I could be happier with my wii u is if they announced 50 GameCube games coming to the wii u virtual console next week.
It's given me tons of games to play, with even more on the way soon.
Shovel Knight tomorrow!

-24 hours remain-

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