PS3 Preorders for 20 GB start evening of 17 Nov. (GameStop/EBGames)

An e-mail I just received:

Dear Customer:

We will have an extremely limited supply of 20GB PlayStation 3 console bundles for preorder on our site Friday evening, November 17th. We expect these bundles to ship on or before December 1st. When the bundle is activated on our site, you can find it here:

We will not offer 60GB PlayStation 3 console bundles until our store pre-orders have been filled, but check back soon for future preorder opportunities. Receipt of this email does not guarantee an opportunity to purchase. Orders will be taken on a first come, first serve basis. Thank you,

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joemutt4449d ago

I was getting a little curious about all these long lines I hear about, so I decided to drive by Gamestop at midnight, just to see all the campers.

To my suprise the store was closed. This is the same store I went to for the midnight launch of both Halo2 and the 360.

How many did North America actually get??

NJ1307RSX4448d ago (Edited 4448d ago )

But before the PS3 launched in North America 88,400 units had been sold in JPN.
I expect about 250,000-400,000 PS3's here in North America!

Ugly American4448d ago

They are closed because there are less thsn 20 consoles per store. The only way to get one was to preorder, so all of the Gamestops and EBGames are opening at the normal time.

Finance dictated that it wasn't worth paying people overtime to stay open until midnight and after for, in some cases, 6 people.

It was the same story for the 360.

joemutt4448d ago

They didnt get alot of 360's but still stayed open for the customers, and loads of people who couldnt get one where buying other stuff.

Just about everyone in line had something, whether it be a current gen game or whatever.

Think about it ugly american, you have 100 kids running around town with $600 in their pocket. Would you want them in line at your store, or in line at the competitors store?

Think about the business end of things for a minute, thats what they are, a business. They should have been opened.