Sony reveals the reason behind lack of Vita focus at E3

During Gamereactor's E3 interview with Jim Ryan (president and CEO of SCE Europe), he was asked why the PlayStation Vita didn't get as much stage time during Sony's press conference this year.

"You get an hour and half on the stage," Ryan explained, "and you've got to work out what's really important to talk about. And obviously PS4, and we also wanted to talk about the innovation stories of PlayStation Now, PlayStation TV and Morpheus. So that stuff was all top of the list."

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XiNarutoUzumaki1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

So, PSTV took precedence over Vita Games. Fail!

PSTV could have been an article like any gaming news. Nobody wanted TV crap. That was Microsoft's downfall at the Xbox reveal, and you forgot about it, Sony.

Snookies121579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

H-Huh? The PS TV isn't about TV at all. It's about playing Vita, PSP, PS4, PS3, PS2, and PS1 games all on one device that's affordable and can hook up to your TV. I myself might even buy one, despite the fact I already have a Vita.

The_Hero1579d ago

People confuses PlayStation TV; A console.
With actual Xbox One's Original TV Shows?

They just removed the Vita out of the PS Vita TV and named it PlayStation TV instead.

They talked nothing about TV shows or anything of the like. They just announced their new Vita format; for 99$ the PS TV.

It's like when Nintendo announced the 2DS.
Same thing.

randomass1711579d ago

It seems like a great device for convenience, especially if you want Vita on your TV. Heck, I'd pay for the same thing on 3DS. If it wasn't $99 though, I don't think I would have a great deal of interest.

DualWielding1579d ago

PS TV isn't about TV, but the Powers TV series was and that got more time than the Vita... they also talked a lot about statistics, is telling people how many times the share button has been pressed more important than telling them about new Vita games?

bouzebbal1579d ago

i'm not a fan of this guy...
hey Ryan, we bought Vita for the likes of Uncharted Golden Abyss, WipEout, LBP, Tearaway, Killzone and we want more of these. i don't care about remote play just give me AAA games.

The_Hero1579d ago

I think it's great for people who want to play PS Vita Games, but don't want to spend a lot of cash.
99$ is quite cheap to be able to play them.

therevolution1579d ago

Uh huh, @The_Hero so they didn't waste 25 minutes talking about Powers? They didn't talk about tv shows, right....

SilentNegotiator1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )


I'm pretty sure he meant in regard to the PSTV.

CuddlyREDRUM1579d ago

Now that the TV is on the other foot...

darthv721579d ago

i get what you are saying snookies but realistically out of the box it is just retail/digital vita games and digital psp, mini and ps1 games.

You need to have the ps3 and/or ps4 to remote/stream play those platforms. Personally im getting it for the vita/psp games on a bigger screen.

Remote play is not at the top of my personal list but i can see how others would rank it higher. for $100 it is a great microconsole alternative to the ouya and fire tv.

MrBeatdown1579d ago


25 minutes talking about Powers?

Try seven. Get a new clock.

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yewles11579d ago DO realize that PSTV is actually the Vita TV from Japan, just renamed, right?

Blues Cowboy1579d ago

The fact that they removed the 'Vita' branding speaks volumes about Sony's faith in the device, though. Doesn't it?


@Blues Couwboy

Not necessarily. As it was shown, it seens they want the device to be a cheap PS Now console, so it's not simply a Vita hooked to the TV, but a device to play Vita, PS1, PS2, PSP, PS3 and PS4 games (depending on what other consoles and services you have).

I believe this focus shift had a lot more to do with changing the name than Vita's sales (which is indeed underperforming, to say the least).

Anon19741579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

Yeah. It says they didn't want to create confusion. Much like how many were confused that the Wii-U was some kind of Wii accessory, adding "Vita" to the name of the new device would only muddy the waters. What's Vita TV? Is that some kind of add on for the Vita?

Quite frankly, not only did they need to drop "Vita" from the name, I think adding "TV" at the end of this isn't doing them any favors either as clearly that itself is fostering confusion. I agree wholeheartedly with keeping the Playstation branding, but I would have gone with a new name altogether. The Vita's a handheld device. That's not at all what this is, so why confuse the issue?

The fact that this is based on the Vita hardware speaks volumes though about Sony's commitment to the platform, and developers will undoubtedly be watching closely to see how this increases the Vita hardware install base.



Yup, I don't get the "PS TV" name either, in fact, wasn't the PS3 cable box accessory called Playstation TV? The first thing that comes to my mind for this home version of Vita's hardware is PS Box, but obviously this sounds unnecessarily close to Xbox and Steambox. PS mini, maybe?

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NewMonday1579d ago

dude "TV" just means you plug it into the TV

TheGrimReaper00111578d ago

So a PS4 might as well be called a PS TV now?

I would agree with your statement if, ya know it was called the Vita TV as it is in Japan.
It's a Vita device for your TV. It does what the vita can but on a TV.

XiSasukeUchiha1579d ago

Naruto, that's true hopefully Sony doesn't do that next year please!

Off topic: Naruto why did you do this! (Spoiler Alert)

This scar me for life thanks man :(

NewMonday1579d ago

Spoiler Alert

Spoiler Alert

Spoiler Alert

Spoiler Alert

the Manga is getting out of control, power ups almost every chapter now, they didn't start fighting Madara before he goes into multiple power ups, from the shadow Madara to double Rinnegan Madara to Mother Sage power Madara

things are getting stupid, the manga is best when fights are clever like the Kakashi/Naruto combo attack vs Obito and the Guy/Minato/Lee/Kakashi/Garra combo attack vs Madara

emad-E-three1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

Enough with the god damn spam and trolls you keep posting you and XiNaruto which i'm almost sure you're the same fool!!

PlayStation TV has nothing to do with what MS's plans about TV shows!! PSTV is a PSVita home console that (connects to your TV) plays most PSVita games + all PSP + PS1 games and Remote play PS4 games and plays PS3 games through PSNow and maybe in the future PS2 games!!

So enough with your crap and grow up!

XisThatKid1579d ago

you are a fool my friend quietly please extinguish your bubbles and limit yourself to one bubble.You obviously have no clue what your talking about and I'm insulting myself and others around me by even replying to your grammatical waste.

XisThatKid1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

that was your one comment. At least 14 people didn't think so....whatevs

1579d ago
iamnsuperman1579d ago

Firstly not remotely the same

Secondly the vita wasn't selling anyway. Playstation TV is Sony essentially relaunching the Vita in a new form and with a new focus. No point making more games for a system that isn't selling well (the games don't sell that well anymore)

deafdani1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

If Nintendo had that mentality, they'd have killed the 3DS years ago.

If you want YOUR system to sell well, YOU have to make games for it (and making the system's price accesible doesn't hurt, either). You take care of your system first to ensure its install base grow, and third party developers will follow suit with the games.

Nintendo understood this with the 3DS, and went and released Zelda OOT 3D, Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land, Kid Icarus Uprising, Luigi's Mansion, Paper Mario, Mario & Luigi, Fire Emblem, Mario Golf, Mario Tennis, etc, etc, etc... heavy hitters that people want, the kind of Nintendo games that people that like Nintendo stuff want. Now the 3DS is a juggernaut in sales. Nintendo has now focused their attention to the Wii U and is trying to do the same with that console. Whether they will succeed or not, remains to be seen.

Sony, on the other hand, has had an excellent focus on the PS3, and it looks like they will do the same for the PS4... but they have completely forgot about the PS Vita, despite its awesome potential. They started things pretty decently with Tearaway, Gravity Rush, Little Big Planet and Uncharted Golden Abyss, but then stopped dead cold and haven't bothered at all ever since.

Where's Gran Turismo for Vita? Where's God of War? Where's Ratchet & Clank (yeah, I know Insomniac is third party, but Ratchet & Clank remains a Sony exclusive). Where's Twisted Metal? Where's Motorstorm? Where's Patapon? Where's new exciting exclusive AAA games for the Vita that drive people to buy the damn thing? Where's effing Metal Gear Solid (a franchise that is third party, yes, but has a BIG love relationship with Sony)?

Nowhere to be seen. And because of this, the Vita right now has been relegated as a console that plays nice but niche games, and indie stuff. Those games are all well and good, but tell me, why do you need a handheld as powerful as the Vita for those kinds of games? For that, you'd be better with a 3DS, which can play these kind of games just fine, and coincidentally also plays higher profile games because it hasn't been underestimated by its maker.

It's pretty ironic that the 3DS has better balance between small and big games than the Vita, considering the Vita is much more capable than it, hardware wise.

And this is Sony's fault. The Vita is now around 2 years old (correct me if I'm wrong), and outside the launch games, Sony has shown absolutely no sign that they care about their handheld. None whatsoever.

And if Sony doesn't care about their own machine... why should anyone else?

iamnsuperman1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )


You have to see things from Sony's perspective and not Nintendo's. Nintendo has franchises that suit handhelds that require little to no pushing (PR wise). They also have a big ace which control that market; Pokemon. Nintendo just needed to keep demand up till they release a Pokemon game and they did that by cutting the price by a third (not by releasing games because without that price cut the 3DS would have sold far less). Also, Nintendo has to do this because, except for the Wii, its home console has never dominated since the SNES (it isn't like Nintendo has tried to rectify this issue). If their handheld system wasn't popular Nintendo would not be around.

Sony is completely the opposite. They don't have handheld suitable franchises (not those that are easy to push), they don't have a mega Ace than controls the market, they made an expensive product that really requires more investment (money wise) and this is likely to be their last handheld console. But Sony has always had a dominate home console that is desirable.

It isn't about giving up but cutting your losse. They could release a Grand Turismo or any other game but the risk for that franchise to not sell is too high for an investment (especially if it mean taking resources away from a system that is dominating right now, Sony's approach to the PS4 is echoing the PS2 era)

admiralvic1579d ago

@ Deafdani

I think you're mistaken about a few things...

"They started things pretty decently with Tearaway, Gravity Rush, Little Big Planet and Uncharted Golden Abyss, but then stopped dead cold and haven't bothered at all ever since. "

For instance, Tearaway released in November, which like a month short of being 2 years after Uncharted Golden Abyss released in Japan (when the Vita launched). Furthermore, Sony has done things since Tearaway, which include Soul Sacrifice Delta, some PS2 collections that some people might care about and the upcoming title Freedom Wars.

"Where's -a bunch of games-"

GoW got a collection, R&C got a collection + FFA, Sly got a collection + Thieves in time, Motorstorm had that RC game and Jak got a collection too. Lets also not forget that Sony has been silent on GoW's future, Twisted Metal sort of disappeared after that PS3 game and I don't think GT would be too grand on the Vita.

"And this is Sony's fault. The Vita is now around 2 years old (correct me if I'm wrong), and outside the launch games, Sony has shown absolutely no sign that they care about their handheld. None whatsoever. "

Countless plus titles, implementing the cross-buy system, bringing 4 new IPs (Tearaway, Soul Sacrifice, Freedom Wars, Gravity Daze), several big titles got brought over to the Vita (LBP, Killzone), implementing cross features between the Vita and PS4, plus more.

Inception1579d ago


- "Where's Gran Turismo for Vita?"

Err, vita only 2 years old dude and GT PSP came in 2009, 4 years after PSP launched in 2005

Sooner or later PD will release GT for vita

- "Where's God of War?"

Err, they just released GoW 1 & 2 collection for vita. And Chains of Olympus, the 1st GoW for PSP, came in 2008, 3 years after PSP launched in 2005. Even though i'm not sure if they will make another GoW for vita. Considering they already told all background story for Kratos.

- "Where's Ratchet & Clank?"

Next month they will release R&C collection for vita. If the game did good than maybe they will make new R&C for vita.

- "Where's Twisted Metal?"

Cmiiw, TM for PS3 didn't sell. I doubt they will continue the series even for PS4.

- "Where's Motorstorm?"

Did you miss Motorstorm: RC?

- "Where's Patapon?"

Gonna wait for TGS and see what Japan Studio working

- "Where's new exciting exclusive AAA games for the Vita that drive people to buy the damn thing?"

Freedom Wars? Tales of Hearts R? Toukiden Extreme? Soul Sacrifice Delta?

Now i'm starting to think that you live under the rock and don't have internet to check all vita news

- "Where's effing Metal Gear Solid?"

There's MGS 2 & 3 collection and Kojima still busy with Phantom Pain. So you should asked Kojima / Konami about this.

"Those games are all well and good, but tell me, why do you need a handheld as powerful as the Vita for those kinds of games? For that, you'd be better with a 3DS"

I owned both vita and 3DS but i can't play Child of Light, Guacamelee, The Walking Dead, Tales of Hearts R, or Injustice on the go because 3DS doesn't have those games.

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S2Killinit1579d ago

do you even know what PSTV is?

harrisk9541579d ago

The only part of the Sony conference that was slow and threw off the pacing was the 'Powers' reveal. It was unnecessary to go on about it for the length of time that they did. They could have shown a trailer and it would have been fine. It was this years "Wonderbook" moment.

SilentNegotiator1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

Confusing Vita made for TV with Xbone's TV, TV, TV reveal? Speaking of "fail!"...

3-4-51579d ago

Vita is a slow burn...

3-4 years from now it will STILL have games releasing for it but an an increasing rate because more people will have a Vita by then, and RPG's take a while to make.

Good Solid, well made RPG's with appealing Art Style's to take advantage of the beautiful Vita screen coul;d seriously help keep the Vita worth having for 5+ years at least, but it's up to the Dev's to make the "right" games.

I think Dev's are making a ton of dumb mistakes when making games lately. Like really easy to fix mistakes that shouldn't be made, or just odd or terrible choices.

Vita needs it's Mario.

It needs a game made specifically for the Vita that really makes a ton of people HAVE to get a vita.

Doesn't have to be a platformer, but Vita needs that franchise or IP or character still.

Tearaway ISN'T that game or character. Let's get real here. solid effort though.

* Best way to do it is With a Franchise that introduces like 10 cool characters. From there you have Main games and then side games featuring the side characters from the game.

Clogmaster1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

They called it PS TV because they didn't want to name it Sony Channel. (a la, Sega Channel)

Father__Merrin1579d ago

R u delusional? the playstation TV isnt the xbox1 style TV services mumbo jumbo. for the price this will be a steal and come in handy

wsoutlaw871579d ago

shuhei yoshida talked about this on ign right after e3. He explained that vita had a huge showing at e3 because the press conference isnt e3. They just had a small amount of time and they felt ps4 needed more of the shows time to show gamers what its all about and continue momentum. They also wanted people to know that they were working on other content too. Honesty the playstation tv took up very little time. They really didnt say much about it except the price and that it was coming.

WiiUsauce1579d ago

67 people are in denial.

sanosukegtr1231579d ago

But the Ps Via is more important than PSTV.

airsick71579d ago

PSTV is a gaming device... You realize that, right? Where else would you expect them to debut a new device for US than E3?

Eejanaika1579d ago

agrred. No one wanted tv. should always be about games at e3, something they should have learned from Microsoft.

Eejanaika1579d ago

I love how when sony does it people on this site defend them...
shows something about the community of n4g.

DiRtY1579d ago

Sooo he basically said the Vita is not important.

That is a slap in the face for the gamers who bought that device.

bouzebbal1579d ago

please keep quiet next time when you have no idea of what we're talking about..

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RexDD1579d ago

So that "Powers" TV show, which everyone thought was unnecessary might I add, was more important than your struggling handheld? Seriously? All you had to do was show something like Gravity Rush 2 and I would have been happy. But you just left Vita out in the cold.

Sony, I love you, but you make really stupid decisions sometimes.

NewMonday1579d ago

E3 is not the press conference, it's about showcasing games for media gathered from around the world there were many games the media reported on..

MrSwankSinatra1579d ago

Actually E3 is an annual international expo and conference of video games and game-related technology. TV shows have nothing to do with video games, if they wanted to show of some TV show then they should have waited until PAX. I don't care how bad people want to defend that crap, TV shows have no place at e3 and the same goes for microsoft.

NewMonday1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )


where did I talk about "TV"

as for "E3" it means "Electronic Entertainment Expo"

Xbot12141579d ago

stop being a butt hurt fanboy

spacecat50501579d ago

I love the sony defence. Now E3 is a place to show off other tech and not just games.

I remember the ps3 fanboys were parading in the streets when MS showed Kinect games at E3. Saying that Sony only focuses on games at their E3 showings.

now once again the goal posts have been moved and now it's ok that sony spent time on unrelated game topics that made their showing grind to a snail pace. Its ok that they ashifting their focus on the Vita's use and limiting actual first party titles. Its ok sony talks about TV.

If MS would have even mentioned anything other than a Halo Tv series for more than 3 minutes you sony fanboys would have crucified them.

"It OK Sony♥"

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MrSwankSinatra1579d ago

Yeah that part of the Sony E3 conference ticked me off. I don't give two S**ts about TV at a gaming convention.

wsoutlaw871579d ago

The idea was to show potential buyers of the ps4 that they are working on all different kinds of exclusive content. A lot of people are still watching e3 trying to decide if they want to buy each of the consoles and believe it or not netflix and other entertainment stuff helps.

BillmadeAGate1579d ago

Sony TV is a bad joke.. hopefully they'll realise that before its too late..

SilentNegotiator1579d ago

A $100 device that plays Vita games, downloaded PS1 games, streams PS2 and ps3 games from PS Now, and can stream ps4 games from another room...that's a joke? I'm in just to not miss out on some Vita games, and I know I'll at least try out the streaming stuff.

kenshiro1001579d ago

Logic seems to escape you, doesn't it?

sic_chops1579d ago

@billmade apparent you don't even know what the ps tv can do. Stfu and get out.

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Ethereal1579d ago

Personally, I am very interested in PlayStation TV and I already have a Vita.

The_Hero1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

For people who don't own a Vita, it's a very cheap Vita console for 100$.
Of course, the better deal is the bundled one at 140$. An HDMI + DS3 Controller + 8Gb Memory Card + Game is worth far more than 40$.

Fez1579d ago

Same. I assume you can use a ds3/4 as a controller? Would be great to play the vita games with a controller cos the thumbsticks and lack of l2/3 r2/3 really let down some games. Plus streaming ps4 games and the ps1 and ps2 games on the PS store.

If I had multiple TVs in my house this would be a pretty cool device to hook up to a secondary TV.

nope1111579d ago

I like how the movie and tv crap took more time than the Vita.