Experienced Points Watch_Dogs and Game_Mods - The Arrogance of a Lie

Shamus Young:

Were we too hard on Ubisoft last week? I know I was pretty harsh on the company, based on a single comment made by one developer during a live interview. Maybe that's unfair. If you stuck me in front of a group of people asking rapid-fire questions for an hour I'd probably say my first Very Dumb Thing somewhere around the minute and a half mark.

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thorstein1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

I would have to question, "Who is lying though?" This has certainly been one of the weirdest launches (and console generation launches) I have ever seen. The cry of "graphics downgradez, durr!" was not limited to Watch Dogs. We saw it in many, many of the games that have come out this gen.

The reality is that the 2012 trailer was PC only. (I don't know if the PC version looks like the 2012 trailer, but from what I can tell, it does.)

The 2013 trailer was PS4 footage. It looks just like my game on my LED 1080p television.

So, what's the lie? Or better, who is lying? The game is fun and well received. Why are there a small group of very loud people (can't even call them gamers)wanting this game to fail.

No matter how loud or how much they scream, the game still won't have a graphics downgrade. It is already launched, give it up, it was debunked the 1st time.

The new "code" that was found is now debunked and doesn't lead to better graphics.

But the real question is: Why are these people so adamant that Ubisoft fail with their new IP? What motivates these people? What do they think will be a result of their constant crying?