Sony’s PlayStation Now pricing is insane, but it doesn’t have to be

ARS: It's important to note that these prices aren't final and could easily change by the time PS Now launches in open beta or afterward. It's also important to note that Sony has mentioned some sort of subscription plan for PlayStation Now, which would presumably provide Netflix-style all-you-could-play access for some sort of monthly fee. That would seem much easier to stomach than à la carte streaming game rentals, depending on the specific price Sony charges.

Looking at PlayStation Now pricing as it currently stands, though, we're beginning to think that the problem isn't the prices themselves but the whole idea of renting out streaming games for limited real-world time spans.

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fonger081603d ago

I think this author is missing the definition of "rental." A rental and pricing structure is not meant for a player to go through completely of a game, it's to entice you to experience it then go out and buy it. I remember renting FFVII, FFIII, super metroid, full well knowing I'm not going to get through entire game in a week, but it would build hype to save money to go out purchase it later.

That being said, I do hope the subscription based pricing is much like a gamefly service. I would definitely be interested in that.

NewMonday1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

the suggestion by the author is a good one and makes more sense.

fonger081603d ago

It's a great idea... however I don't believe Sony has much control over pricing, I'm pretty sure the publishers are setting those prices.

NewMonday1603d ago


they could treat hours like currency, whatever game is played a cut of the time charged will belong to the game publisher.

morganfell1603d ago

Oh look, well known Sony haters ars technica, caught lying about Sony and refused to apologize. When fans prodded them on their own forums they went bat crazy and started wholesale banning of people.

Here is what these dummies are missing. For the last 3 generations Sony introduced the new format.

With the PS1, the CD.

Public: You are crazy, it won't work and the cost is too high. No one wants it.

Sony: This is the next gen format.

Verdict? Sony was correct.

With the PS2, DVD.

Public: You are crazy, it won't work and the cost is too high. No one wants it.

Sony: This is the next gen format.

Verdict? Sony was correct.

With the PS3? Bluray.

Public: You are crazy, it won't work and the cost is too high. No one wants it.

Sony: This is the next gen format.

Verdict? Sony was correct.

With the PS4? Streaming media.

How many times does Sony have to be right before people stop repeating themselves in attacking them. They sound like a broken record. Sony, always a generation ahead will be right again.

DarkZane1603d ago


Sorry, this time they're wrong. It's way too early for Cloud gaming,too many people have slow connection and too many have a download caps and you also lose connection sometime (Internet is still not 100% reliable).

In 20 years maybe we will be there, but at the moment, this thing still belong in the future.

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Dan_scruggs1603d ago

That's exactly right. Just like when I rent a movie I'm not expected to actually see all of the movie. That would just be crazy. Sony should simplify everything and just charge by the hour for gameplay. 1 hour = 1 dollar. Play all you want and pay for it when your done.

fonger081603d ago

How are movies and games the same type of experience? If they charged a $1 an hour and I finish a $30-40 game in 10-15 hours, how does any one make any money?

3-4-51603d ago

Rentals like that ONLY Existed because we didn't have the technology or capabilities to do it like we can now.

This "Rental" BS stuff is a JOKE.

It's called a DEMO, Sony.....remember. They are Free.

Sony is better than this, and I'm sure they will alter it somehow.

seatunt1603d ago

Is it me or do I remember about 10x the amount of demos to start off last gen? Is it because we now have alphas and betas to play, that demos are that sparse? Remember demo cds/dvds with gaming mags? Good times

hkgamer1603d ago

no this rental system is to benefit sony and publishers.

i also like to say that no new games will be released on this because its ps3. well there would be, but ps3 is getting less and less new games obviously so these doesn't impact actual sales at all.

psnow is mainly for non ps3 gamers so psnow rental is the only option.

i only looked at one game, saints row 3 full package and compared the prices with rental and gamestop and psnow is actually cheaper in a sense. compared that game becaus all the articles were showing the saints row prices.

i do believe subscription model will come out, not sure the price but im guessing a subscription based model will still not entice most people to use it.

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KinjoTakemura1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

1.99 for 4 hours is more reasonable than 2.99 for 4 hours. It's more in line with playing an arcade machine.

hkgamer1603d ago

arcade machine? ican $3 last you 4 hours for arcade games? anyway thats besides the point.

it does seem silly. 4 hours is probably not enough for most people. though i would like to say that i have bought many full priced retail from psn and spent more time downloading, installing, download more updates, install more updates then playing the game.

Geekman1603d ago

All they have to do is do what Gamefly does. (But actually have the games available.) I don't know what they're thinking pricing old games you could find for close to free on eBay for 29.99.

hkgamer1603d ago

i looked at sr the third full package:

psnow 90 day - $29.99
gamestop new - $49.99
gamestop preowned -$29,99 additional $9.99 for online pass

the normal version is

gamestop preowned -$14.99 additional $9.99 for online pass plus god knows what for dlc
gamestop new - $39.99
gamestop greatest hits version - new -$19.99 but unavailable online.

not sure if it is before or adter taxes, i dont live in us.

just a good comparison, i know its only one game. i presume all other gamespot prices are similar.

ebay comparison is a little unfair for the general public. but im sure that is what you use so psnow would definitely look unattractive to you

anyways, analyse it your own way. some people may think the deal is good, some people may not, others may onlly have a ps4 so that is the only choice. others can use ebay to find even better deals. finalley the other group is the internet people who like to complain even if they had no interest in playing/buying/renting ps3 games.

gamefly system may work, but gamefly profits from some people holding games for longer, and not swapping for new game every 2-3 days. in a streaming world, its very hard to keep up with. why would people buy full retail if they can rent instantly?

ziggurcat1603d ago

"ARS: It's important to note that these prices aren't final and could easily change by the time PS Now launches in open beta or afterward."

so then why waste everyone's time by writing an idiotic article with a title complaining about the prices?

hkgamer1603d ago


spread the news so sony gets the prices right


Dasteru1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

This type of rental scheme does not work anymore. It is the reason places like Rogers video and Blockbuster have gone under. Charging $5 for 4 hours and $15 for 7 days for a game i can go buy used at EB Games for $10 is not going to get Sony very far. Go the Netflix route. $20 per month for full unrestricted access to the PSNow servers and all the games on it or just toss the entire service.

KinjoTakemura1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

Maybe they should offer the rentals and the Subscription option. Maybe something like 40 or 50 dollars a month for access to 10 games or a subscription model based on the number of games you'd like to play. Renting for up to two weeks should still be an option.

hkgamer1603d ago

streaming/ digital service is slightly different to blockbusters.

blockbusters needs to pay rent at expensive town centre prices. so just needs to pay rent for data centres.

customers meed to drive to blockbusters.

psnow is streamed instantly, full game with dlc and no download, install, download more patches and install those patches waiting time. all us ps3 owners know how bad it can get, especially with 3rd party.

i think a subscription model will come in the future, just not yet. maybe after the main territories get it as well as when they have planned for ps2 or even ps1 games.

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