Rainbow Six: Siege preview: Strike countered | ARS

ARS: You’d be forgiven for shrugging off the asymmetrical team-shooting combat of Rainbow Six: Siege. After all, the game’s multiplayer mode, which saw its live gameplay debut behind closed doors at this year’s E3, looks quite familiar. Two squads of equally fortified soldiers take turns as either special forces or criminals, facing off in tight corridors while blasting military guns and dying very, very quickly. What took the designers at Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy department so long to follow in Counter Strike’s footsteps?

While the premise seems redundant, Ubisoft’s E3 demo proved that the mode might still bring something new to the team-multiplayer landscape, particularly thanks to its advanced destruction modeling and its unique Rainbow Six touches. We played through a few rounds of the game’s five-on-five multiplayer, which had us either breaking into a suburban home and rescuing a hostage or hunkering down in said home and holding off the incoming assault.

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