Top 5 Under Appreciated Games and Franchises

With so many big franchises out there it's tough for smaller companies to gain traction in the industry, however, some of the best games are overlooked. Eric of Gamer Assault Weekly gives you the top 5 under appreciated games and franchises that you should really be playing.

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FrostbiteGhost2596d ago

I liked Enslaved until the ending. I don't remember much of it , but I remember it got me to not like the game. Oh and Darkness was awesome! I just never finished it because it used a megabyte to save each time which used all my memory at the time.

guitarded772595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

Is Enslaved a "Franchise"? I thought there was only the one game.

zeuanimals2595d ago

It's in the article. And it says "Games and Franchises".

It's talking about single games such as Enslaved and DmC. DMC is a franchise, but they're referring to a single game in the article, the reboot, which doesn't get much love but the core franchise is very beloved. It's also talking about franchises as a whole like the Yakuza franchise.

DoubleYourDose2595d ago

The ending was one of the best parts of the game. You probably didn't understand it.

explicitbaron2596d ago

Great list. The Yakuza games and Enslaved are fantastic it's a shame not many people played them. No More Heroes was ported to PS3 and Xbox so more people should try that game, look insanely fun. I wrote an Enslaved review if you want to take a look

nick47612596d ago

I really enjoyed the first Darkness game, still haven't played the 2nd, so I might pick that up on the Steam sale. I agree with the new DmC as well. That is a really good game that gets alot of undue hate.

Drithe2595d ago

White Knight Chronicles is one. Holy cow that game is better than Final Fantasy games (ESPECIALLY when you could play it online with others).

Kingdoms of Amalur is another one. One of the best action rpgs I ever played and had the best expansions I EVER played.

Of course these are consoles games. :)

herobyclicking2595d ago

Actually Kingdoms of Amalur is available on PC, though you have to have Origin. I miss White Knight Chronicles.

Tibbers2595d ago

Origin... or Steam. It's available on both platforms.

Revolt132595d ago

Fuck you all, give DmC a chance!

Majin-vegeta2595d ago

I did downloaded with PS+ worst game ever!!!!!!BRING OG DANTE BACK NOT TH DAMN EMO CLOWN

WeAreLegion2595d ago

Emo? You didn't play the game, did you?

Visiblemarc2595d ago

I absolutely adored DMC, personally.

It may not satisfy series faithfuls, but taken as it's own thing, it's super awesome.

Relientk772595d ago

Got it off PS+ and DmC is awesome

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