ISR: Drive Club for PS4 with Thrustmaster T300 Impressions

Presenting ISR's second E3 2014 special report. In this one, Darin checks out Drive Club for the PS4 for the first time with a wheel, the T300 by Thrustmaster with a set of T3PA pedals.

He gets to check out one of the stages in a point to point style race and gives his impressions on this brief drive. This video provides footage of how the title will work with a wheel as well as Darins impressions on how it performed.

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Jdoki2205d ago

I'd really like confirmation one way or the other on whether DriveClub is going to support the Logitech G27 wheel / pedals.

Utalkin2me2205d ago

I would be almost certain it would be. It's one of the more popular wheels. It better anyways, cause thats the wheel i have too.

Bathyj2205d ago

Same. Got a G25 and I see no reason why I should have to buy a new wheel.

CBaoth2205d ago

Oh, but you have to. It's the "ForTza Horizon for the PS"

BootyBandit2205d ago

I don't think even the official GT5 Wheel from Thrustmaster is compatible with the PS4. Or else why would Thrustmaster be bringing out this newer model?

I have a CSR Elite, T500 and a G27. So I'm screwed 3x over. I already purchased a TX 458 for the X1 and will most likely pick up the T300 for the PS4. I can't play a racing game without a good FFB wheel. It sucks MS and Sony didn't go out of their way to make their new consoles compatible with older perps.

JackVagina2205d ago

Its the other way around, Logitech needs to support Driveclub. Witch they wont because they have left the console accessory business and dont do updates anymore

Jdoki2205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

Logitech licensed the communication and feedback tech / SDK from Immersion Co... I think it was called TouchSense.

So there could be a chance... (as TouchSense supported a huge number of different products, from wheels, to Flight Sticks, and also was used by Fanatec I believe).

So if Immersion Co decided to sort out an SDK, and / or DriveClub dev decided to work with them, there' still a slim chance of support for Logitech wheels.

But I'm not hopeful.

EDIT: And another gripe... It seems that Sony and MS have gone along different routes for implementing wheel support this gen - so we're unlikely to see 'one wheel to rule them' all across PC, PS4 and XB1 :(

spence524902205d ago

As a GT owner I'm wondering this as well. I thought is was dependent on sony allowing third party wheels to be used with the PS4. Still waiting on them to let us use flightsticks for war thunder.

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cfc832205d ago

I'm not a fan of a lack of penalty for crashing. It was the same in watch dogs. You shouldn't really just bounce of things you crash into. It does look good though, and i'm considering buying it.

Utalkin2me2205d ago

You're already penalized for crashing, you lose speed and time.

Jdoki2205d ago

Depends on how they implement the crashing.

If it's like in Gran Turismo where on some circuits you could bounce off walls and barely lose any time at all I won't be happy.

But if there's significant speed loss, then I'm OK with that.

spence524902205d ago

That's good. I was wondering how this would handle griefers. The last game I raced online was GTA 5 (probably the issue) and I hated people who purposely crashed into you and couldn't race legitimately. If it was up to me I would remove the car on car collisions online. I gues that wouldn't be realistic though.

Utalkin2me2204d ago

Did you not watch the video?

Budobear2205d ago

I don't think so, they just aren't compatable with the PS4. I'm not sure if this is going to change at any point as there won't be any money in it for anyone I guess. Which is a shame as I've got one too!

eferreira2205d ago

First time I saw some gameplay of this in awhile. Looks really good.

johnnynitross2205d ago

I'm praying they have the new Hellcat Challenger in it, that would be awesome!!! This will be a day 1 buy for me.

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