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You pause, savouring the anticipation, enjoying the rush of adrenaline from all these new worlds stretching out in front of you- Writes Karlos Morale.

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UglyGeezer1579d ago

An absolutely brilliantly written review. Nut not only that.


I really cannot wait to try this out, sound superb and hasn't had the coverage it sounds like it deserves (yet)

karlosmorale1579d ago

Fine then. I'll comment on my own review.

I think this piece is excellent. It really served to convey a sense of how the game feels without getting bogged down with what the game is - important since 'feel' is such an integral aspect of the game's appeal.

Err, if I do say so myself.

PridedLlama1579d ago

The most interesting review about a game I have no intention of buying that I've ever read. Saying that I might buy it.