5 Things I Want in Watch Dogs 2

Karl Dodds, of SpawnFirst, discusses five things he'd like to see Ubisoft address/change before the inevitable Watch Dogs sequel happens.

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mrpsychoticstalker1579d ago

This is stupid a great game just came out and it took years of delayes. And already people talking about watch dogs 2. At least wait 5 months.

Same thing happened with Titanfall and same thing happened with infamous.

mikeslemonade1579d ago

Better graphics most of all.

starchild1579d ago

The game is already the best looking urban open world game at the moment along with Infamous Second Son. It doesn't look as good as the E3 demo from two years ago, but people over-exaggerate the difference. It still looks pretty damn great.

Eejanaika1578d ago

what is with this site and graphics?
Theirs more to a game then
pretty colors at 60 fps 1080p

Scholla1578d ago (Edited 1578d ago )

@starchild I agree that the world and Aiden look pretty darn good and much of "it looks like a PS2 game" is overblown but the cars! the cars are horrible! Little to no detail, poorly designed, uninspiring and let's not even talk about the mechanics, they feel like spoofs of cars instead of real-life like matchbox cars.

And how is it GTAV last gen still competing with Watchdogs this gen graphically? -- in a lot of areas may even have WD beat, inexcusable.

Baka-akaB1579d ago

I doubt those people are saying they want it immediately or next year . But we do know it's a commercial success and a sequel is obvious .

Anyway going back to the topic , i do have some wishes , i wasnt dissapointed by the graphics or something like that , like some people .

Part of the story was bland . Especially when it comes to the hero . There are parts of his life that are wasting his potential imo .

Given his occupation and the hazard you'd expect from it , i was "promised" or rather lured to believe , the premise of some mysterious loner action hero/Hacker .

It could have led to some rather bland and one note hero , granted , but instead here , i get to know pretty much everything , and get involved in more than i want to from his personal life , and it's still bland and boring

Burrito26a1579d ago

I don't want a Watch Dogs 2.

Baka-akaB1579d ago

Well good for you . It's still obviously happening and a franchise

generic-user-name1579d ago

"a great game just came out"

Watch Dogs? Great?

Dis guy.

starchild1579d ago

Yeah, lots of us think it's great. The game generally scored well with reviewers too. You got a problem with that?

thorstein1579d ago

Actually, I think this is a better article than the typical:

"Graphics Downgradez, durr!"
"I overhyped the game for myself and thus IMO it sucks!"
"This game is terrible" clickbait we've been seeing.

At least he has solutions to how he would like to see the sequel surpass the first.

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Grave1579d ago

#1 is get rid of Aiden for me. He has no personality at all. I wish I could mute him because the game would be more enjoyable.

Baka-akaB1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

it's much worse than that , everything from his acquaintances , and personal life , is a boring chore to deal with .

He made me miss Desmond !!

I say keep just the cap and bandana design with another more interesting hero .

And take a freaking clue plot wise from great series like Person of Interest

Grave1578d ago

It truly is one of the flattest performances ever given in video games.

nolifeking1579d ago

Let me punch random citizens. Also, loose the morality bs, I just wanna rampage without consequence.

Battlefieldlover1579d ago

I'm sorry but for whatever reason I really really didn't like this game. I'm usually "to each his/her own" but I feel a strong need to shout "back to the drawing board!".

drjonesjnr1579d ago

I don't want another watch dogs i so regret buying the 1st one 5/10 for me utterly crap

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