Halo 5 Beta Maps, Game Engines & More Info Surfaces

We have just a hint of rumors, and a bunch of confirmed info for Guardians, Master Chief Collection, and an upcoming novel.

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XiSasukeUchiha2590d ago

Halo MC will be awesome, and Halo 5 just keeps sounding better!

Magnagamer2222590d ago

Looking forward to this game. Especially after watching this interview.

GW2122590d ago

I am going to play all of the games in order again to refresh myself on the story. I remember playing Halo CE on the original XBOX and vaguely remember the storyline. My memory fails me on 2-4.

Dread2590d ago

I will also be doing that.

The collection is a perfect way to get up to date.

King_of_Nothing2590d ago

Same here! Itll be fun to play the whole series from start to finish.

mhunterjr2590d ago

I can't wait to do a legendary playthrough 1-4 in order... Then, it'll be halo2 multiplayer non stop!

GW2122590d ago

Legendary... ugh... I don't know if I'm good enough (yet) to get through all four on legendary. Halo 4 on legendary was not a good time for me. There was one spot I just couldn't get past. I finally did, but it was obnoxiously hard.

mhunterjr2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

For me, the trick with getting through legendary is to slow WAAAY down, and use your ammo wisely. Sometimes it's better to sneak past enemies than it is to confront them. I'm sure I left a lot of enemies alive in some of my playthroughs. Also try to keep one plasma weapon and one ballistic weapon at all times.

But more than anything, I had to keep a slow pace. And plan my approach. No running and gunning here.

There's one section in halo4 that I found was just an example of poor level design. Cheif was on a light bridge, with hardly any cover, there was an endless swarm of those Promethian dog things coming from all angles... I died over and over until I realized that blowing through them was my only option. I killed only the ones directly in front of me, and b-lined to the other end of the bridge. In the next room, I was confronted by two promethians armed with their version of a shotgun. I didn't have the ammo to take them on, and ended up running, ducking , and hiding, until I escaped the chapter. It was very poorly designed, but it proved my theory that minimizing confrontation was the answer in many cases.

GW2122590d ago

Thanks for the tips. You're right, I continuously get impatient after dying a few times. Then it's "ok, I know where they are coming from, let's go confront and destroy" rather than taking my time.

Someone said Halo 4 was the toughest to beat on Legendary. You agree with that?

mhunterjr2590d ago

I would agree... It's really the only game that gave me any trouble. In general, the level design was more 'confined'. there were two scenes that I fell were just poorly designed, using cheapness to feign difficulty. The first I just described, and the other was a cliche "kill enemies until I get this door open" segment.

I think the difficulty in halo4 stems from the fact that it's a bit more linear than the other Halo's so your're forced into confrontation a bit more often...there's less freedom to figure out a better way of progressing.

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