New on PlayStation Store: Another World, Valiant Hearts & Discounts Galore

Batman Arkham Origins, Resogun, The Walking Dead & more on sale.

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Goro1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

Walking Dead Season TWO for just €6.49! That's mine!
Though it gives me the impression that Telltale may be in financial trouble lately with all the games they're putting on sale, maybe they took on too many projects at once.

LonDonE1575d ago

YUP and its cheaper if your a Playstation plus subscriber! i am buying season 2 for my wife on our PS3, she LOVED season 1 playing through with my 8 year old! (i know i know, they both LOVE zombie games)!

Any way i was going to literally buy season 2 just the other day and now for just over £4 THAT'S A BARGAIN! i love Playstation network sales, just look at some of the AAA core games in this list for decent prices! this is one area Microsoft just cannot compare with Sony!

Playstation plus is AWESOME, and Microsoft obviously agree with me hence why they have copied sony and made games for gold and deals with gold! but as a subscriber to both services i have to admit Playstation plus is light years better then gold!
Microsoft needs to start spending some of those gazillions they have and start getting us better deals because at the moment Playstation plus is POWNING xbox live and games for gold!!!

ziggurcat1575d ago

i'll have to check the store again, because Another World certainly wasn't there last night (in NA).

jnemesh1575d ago

I just checked the NA store and Another World is nowhere to be found on either the PS4 or the Vita! :(

ziggurcat1575d ago

maybe it's EU only for now...

jnemesh1575d ago

looks like...darn it! I was all set to go home yesterday, buy it and I have to sit spinning my wheels for a while. As soon as it shows up on our store, I am buying it, though!

theXtReMe11575d ago

Im right there with you. I was hyped to get this. Hopefully soon.

S2Killinit1575d ago

I didn't realize Valiant Heart was exclusive to Playstation.