Amazon: The Witcher 3 Collector’s Edition pre-orders open again

Soon after CD Projekt Red unveiled the collector’s edition for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, pre-orders opened across various retailers. Amazon allowed consumers to put in their reservations, but only for a very short while. In just a short amount of time, pre-orders “sold out”.

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LAWSON721627d ago

Preordered it for PC, just to make sure if I want one I can get it

deadfrag1627d ago

I got it so cheap for PC on 98£ now its Sold out at 129£,when it was announced i just Google and has there already for pre-order for 98£ it did not even had a picture of the game,but i got it 32£ cheaper!

hellothere19771627d ago

These limited collector's set seem to be not so limited anymore. I guess it's "limited" to how many they can churn out now. How sad.