Project Morpheus 'a big part of the future of PS4' - Shuhei Yoshida

VRFocus - It's fair to say that Sony Computer Entertainment's (SCE) Project Morpheus virtual reality (VR) headset for PlayStation 4 didn't have a huge presence at this year's E3 in Los Angeles. The hardware enjoy a slim amount of time at the company's press briefing, and only revealed two new demos for attendees to sample. That said, SCE head of worldwide studios Shuhei Yoshida has reassured that the device will play 'a big part of the future of PS4', eventually expanding beyond videogames.

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XiSasukeUchiha1580d ago

PS4's future is bright even without morpheus, but morpheus makes it a whole lot better!

XisThatKid1580d ago

I loves Sony's ambitions and all but I'm tired of seeing Vita, 3D, Move, and other great potential endeavors go to the "every so often supported" bin
hope this won't be another in 2 years or so.

jujubee881580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

Hopefully it's open source. If not, then I hope it will be hacked soon at launch (like the PS MOVE). A low price point is all I ask.

papashango1580d ago

It won't be hacked as the people who would hack them would just opt for Occulus and the other VR headsets coming out for PC.

Dolf0451580d ago

A hack is going to be in the cards IMO. If you were primarily a PS4 gamer and wanted the best of both worlds it's the only way to fly. I would say the headset could be hacked to work via PC no problem, the issue could be with device parity. Will a virtual experience designed for Occulus just run on a plug and play Morpheus?

papashango1580d ago

Again you're looking at custom firmware & drivers for the Morpheus to run on PC. Sony hardly builds peripherals that are plug & play on PC.

Microsoft bought into plug & play Kinect ONLY AFTER the PC community created their own custom software and they were trying to push this new hardware. There was no alternative for the Kinect coming out on PC in the horizon.

As for VR. Occulus is the driving force behind the hype. Sure you may argue that Sony had VR in development for just as long as Occulus. But it was the Rift that created the hype. The modding community for PC already has its eyes set to dissect Occulus and not much for Morpheus is mentioned.

Sure you'll get some initial custom drivers. But without Sony pushing it for open source. It will be completely overwhelmed by Occulus.

jujubee881580d ago

I don't give a shit about Oculus being some "hype" or "driving VR" nonsense your talking about.

I want this baseline hw to be seen open source one way or the other. Let the people in that sector worry about the rest of path it takes; you want an OR and don't want this, fine. I'm not you, nor will the people who want to hack this be you.

Get over yourself.

1580d ago
SaveFerris1580d ago


I agree with you regarding the price point. If it doesn't sell then it may end up like the Move. But price is only part of it. Like @The_Infected said, it needs quality games to make people want to buy it.

I think the VR trend needs both the Oculus Rift and Morpheus to succeed.

IcicleTrepan1580d ago

looks promising but did they not say the same for move.

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