No Man's Sky Definitely Coming On PS4, But Could Arrive Later On PC

Sean Murray hints that while No Man's Sky is definitely coming on PlayStation 4, the PC version may arrive at a later point, since Hello Games is a small team.

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Aurenar2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

This is a great news!

denawayne2596d ago

They mean "coming to the PS4" right?

GameSpawn2596d ago

I'd say that is the proper way of putting it.

OT: No Man's Sky is currently only in development for the PS4, but they are hoping in the future to also release it on PC. I don't think the Dev has given an iota of indication of any Xbox One port in the foreseeable future.

Out of all the games showcased at E3 this one caught my attention the most. I just want to see so much more of it. For me personally it had the most "Wow" factor. UC4 definitely made me say damn, but I know what to expect story and gameplay-wise from Uncharted. No Man's Sky is a whole new ballgame and has me wondering more about what it has in store.

Alexious2596d ago

Agreed, I can't wait for this game. Although I'd love to play it on my uber PC at 4K....Let's hope it won't take too long.

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ATi_Elite2596d ago

for me the Jury is still out on No Man's Sky!

I mean all I have seen is some colorful worlds but NOT MUCH going on in those worlds.

No Man's Sky is very similar to Elite:Dangerous and StarCitizen for the PC (which I have already plumped down $150 for Elite Beta and an insane amount of cash for all the stuff I got for StarCitizen!

These 2 games I have seen enough to make me spend a bunch of money, heck at the very first tid-bit of info from these games so much was announced that I immediately wanted them but NMS has NOT shown me or even told me anything other than "Never ending procedural World" that are pretty.

That's NOT enough. Very very Cool but not enough.

SC I know I can get out of my ship and go FPS/TPS mode, plus the gameplay is cut throat like Eve online with space combat simulation tossed in.

Elite Dangerous same thing for the most part and both games have persistent game worlds meaning whatever I do to effect or change the world, other gamers will feel the effects of that.

That's really important to me than just seeing bland game worlds that I can't change.

SO if NMS NEVER comes to PC I don't think I will care because so far it seems like it will be HYPED UP but then fall short plus SC and E:D have already delivered solid info and NOT just Hype.

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XiNarutoUzumaki2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

Yep. Sony has been an amazing indie supporter, and that's why they are getting this amazing game. Their Indie approach is paying off.

I don't think this is exclusive, but why are some Xbox Fanboys concened about it? They apparently hate indies since they've been bashing Indie games on PS4. Well, this is what you get for making fun of indies. No Man's Sky for you(For now), or maybe a year later after the PS4 release.

Joe9132596d ago

I was thinking that the game is not exclusive or is a timed exclusive but how does the [email protected] thing work I thought if you publish to xbox one then you can not publish on any other system so how does that work.

lemoncake2596d ago

@joey The clause only applies if you are taking all the "free" stuff from microsoft to help develop your game, like developer xboxs, unity license etc atm. After launch they should be able to afford the equipment with the money they make so clause wouldnt apply.

Joe9132596d ago

@lemoncake Okay that makes more sense thanks.

Maddens Raiders2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

...and the hits just keep on comin'. Great news for PS4 owners.

Nine_Thousaaandd2596d ago

...and the hits just keep on comin'.

Yes they do! This is great news for PS4 owners. Sony needs to trademark this game, bring these guys over to PlayStation Nation permanently!

This game will fit well along side other exploration games like Journey and Flower!

darx2596d ago

What's the'll be on PC

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XiNarutoUzumaki2596d ago

Yep. Sony has been an amazing indie supporter, and that's why they are getting this amazing game. Their Indie approach is paying off.

kaiserfranz2596d ago

Indeed, I'm not a big fan of indie games generally but this is an exception. I just hope it won't be nearly impossible to play with friends

darx2596d ago

Been gaming for 20+ and over the last 5 years the indies are where you get originality!

N0gg1nsh0tz2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

Why are you not a fan? surely more games is better from smaller company's that aren't as limited by IP's as well as the third party and first party titles. It all means more diversity in story and gameplay and genre and gaming as a whole. Would you rather have games from third party and first party developers or don't you enjoy having such a quantity that you may choose widely and freely?

OT: Can't wait for this game, seems intriguing to say the very least :) Glad you're making an exception anyway, very true darx, very true...

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