Media Create software sales (6/16 - 6/22)

Media Create published the latest Japanese games sales.

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KonsoruMasuta1576d ago

Nice sales for Persona Q. Now Atlus knows there is a Persona fanbase on 3DS, we will see a lot more from them.

No sign of slowdown for Yo Kai Watch. Can't wait to see how Yokai Watch 2 will affect 3DS sales. The 3DS is going to have a nice time ahead.

Metallox1576d ago

Almost one year for Youkai Watch and the thing can't die already. Many games in Japan die after its first month lately, and it seems that Mario Kart 8 it's another victim.

randomass1711576d ago

Dang, Mario Kart is still in the top 5, as is Persona Q.

theizzzeee1576d ago

If, Mario Kart 8 is dead @Metallox #3 then most games wish they were dead then lol. It sold the most of any console game on the list.