Cockpit view coming to Entropy, "would love" to support Oculus

GR-UK writes: Entropy's lead game designer, Andy Butcher, has confirmed that a cockpit view is coming to space-based MMO Entropy, at the same time as teasing that studio would love to bring Oculus support to the game:

"Cockpit view we definitely want to add... There are some design issues that are related to it, because the current UI has been designed from a third-person view," he told Gamereactor.

"There's some UI things that we're going to have to change around, so that they work better for a cockpit view. But the main thing is just for our artists to find some time to start working on designing the cockpits, because we want each ship to have a unique cockpit layout," he added before later summarising: "It's definitely something that will come."

When asked whether the addition of a cockpit view might mean that we could also expect some kind of VR or Oculus support for the game in the future, Butcher said:

"I would love it if we could support Oculus," Butcher told us. "From my point of view it's largely a technical challenge... I honestly can't say right now whether it's something we will be able to do, but it's certainly something that we're all very aware of, and at the very least we'd like to investigate it and see if we can work with it."

"But, with that said, it's not a high priority item, it'd be more likely to come sometime after release, because we want to focus on the core gameplay first of all, and get that working really well, before we start to expand out into things like Oculus."

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