Valiant Hearts: The Great War out to download now

It's a tale of broken hearts, crossed destinies and the emotion of World War I. Valiant Hearts is available for download now.

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This is a really great experience

oKidUKo1667d ago

An adventure with what seems to be an emotive tale at heart. Next time i've got Xbox Credit i'll purchase it, looks lovely.

Edvin19841666d ago

Is this coming to Xbox One? I see it on my PS4 store just not on Xbox?

NovusTerminus1666d ago

Yes, but it comes out today. PS4 got it a day sooner I guess.

Edvin19841666d ago

Oh I see just saw it at the store, but its unavailable for purchase? I don't get it, as its the 25th and its in the store, but its listed as Unavailable for purchase.... heck it even lists release date for 25th.

neil3631666d ago

Seems strange.

I've got it showing and available on both Xbox One and Xbox 360.

H4zZz41666d ago

I am playing through it right now and it's actually a really good game!

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