Mobile Games Revenue to Triple in 4 Years, PS4 Outmatches XBONE

GamersNexus: "2013 saw the explosion of mobile gaming, bringing in $10 billion in total revenue from the industry's 1.17 billion gamers. The intelligence firm projects a $19 billion mobile growth -- a total of $29 billion -- by 2018, comprising 30% of total game software revenue. This expansion doesn't come without its growing pains, though."

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miyamoto1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

Also in DFC's new report is a renewed PS4 vs. Xbox One popularity forecast. The group indicates that Microsoft's marketing missteps in the early stages of the Xbox One could have long-term impact on its sales, even with the $400 Kinect-less SKU:

"Due to some questionable business decisions Microsoft’s broader entertainment strategy is in disarray. [...] Meanwhile the PlayStation 4 is expected to be the leading game system over the next few years."

The PS4's Industry Revolution is happening... Now!

Just Do It PS4

Don't Stop
"Don't stop 'cause you know that I like it
Every time you walk in the room
You got all eyes on you
And you know it, know it, know it!"

Thank you also to the Indie Games.
Thanks for preventing a second industry crash from bloated AAA only-the-wealthy-survives money hatting agenda by that monster company.

thereapersson1668d ago

Well, at least you like Brave Fencer Musashi...

Aussiebeachbabe1668d ago

I think your lonely. I also suggest getting out more to find a partner. How sad.

MajorLazer1668d ago

Sad.. when a hobby is taken to such extremes. Maybe you should spend more time enjoying the gaming medium rather than trolling on the internet

KinjoTakemura1668d ago

Okay. I guess everyone can assume that you like playstation.
I do too, but not that much. >_<

snookiegamer1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

@AussieBadger & Koyes

"SAD...LONELY" >Miyamoto?

No need to be rude...Just who do you people think you are?

If this person wants to enjoy their 'Hobby' to the max, that's their business. I suspect if the news was reversed and favoured Xbox One, then these comments may not exist.

Just STHU and YOU get out more, enjoy YOUR 'Partners'! ...Rather than concern yourselves with what others are doing ;/

Aussiebeachbabe1668d ago

Snookie I own both consoles but I find it extremely sad how attached to a piece of plastic some people become. I find going for a drive or a surf just as fun. Some of you need to get out more. SAD!!!!!!

snookiegamer1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

You have the right to find anything how you please, but since miyamoto's comment has no impact on your life, why does it trouble you so?

Learn to keep things to yourself in regards to your opinions, feelings and thoughts about somebody you don't even know, or simply ignore the comment.

However, when your feelings cause you to behave in an impolite manner, then that is what's really sad.

uth111668d ago

so the chart indicates that PC gamers actually shell out more cash than console gamers.

They always claim they can get better deals on software so pc gamining is cheaper in the long run. Guess not