Halo: The Master Chief Collection - 1080p Wasn't 'Silently Removed',Will Have Cinematic Pixel Counts

Halo: The Master Chief Collection was revealed at E3 2014 to much fanfare but has drummed up its fair share of controversy.

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mikeslemonade2593d ago ShowReplies(3)
GutZ312593d ago

Could be worse, they could have just said screw it, and made the game just up rezzed of this.

sinspirit2593d ago

That's what 343i did say when they first made the Halo Anniversary.

Raf1k12593d ago

There's that word again: 'cinematic'.

The Order: 1886 apparently has an unusual resolution and is said to be 'cinematic' too.

Mr Pumblechook2593d ago

@Raf1k1. The Order is a next gen game made especially for PS4. Halo 2 is a gen before last game. If the XB one can't even display this decade old game in native 1080p then that is very disappointing. If a first party studio can't do this then third party studios will also face difficulties.

Raf1k12593d ago

You're right and I agree. There's no way Halo 2 shouldn't be able to run at full 1080p 60FPS.

From what I've seen it looks like the same game with high res textures and some extra effects thrown in.

Kribwalker2593d ago

It was a two gen old game that is being completely remade, it's not just the same game with new textures. As well as a brand new engine version, it is running the original engine and entire game is running in the background so you can instantly switch back and forth

DoomeDx2593d ago

I think what The Order has is the same thing Beyond: Two Souls had. A different cinematic aspect ratio (Black bars at the top and the bottom) just like they have in cinema's.

This means that resolution can be slightly lower because on a regular HDTV, its less pixels because of the aspect ratio.

turdburgler10802593d ago

@Raf1k1 The order cracks me up. It's got black cinematic bars and runs at a cinematic 30fps. What a spin so many people ate that crap up. They couldn't just say hey it's a fun game but it's not going to run at 1080p 60fps.

NobleTeam3602593d ago

@ Raf1k1 quoting you on this "From what I've seen it looks like the same game with high res textures and some extra effects thrown in" ummmmm this is an HD remake or did you forget that detail?

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gamer11382593d ago

Not this crap again. It's the same site as well. Gamingbolt should be renamed 1080p graphics website. Has no one else noticed this seems to be all they post about?

Volkama2593d ago

Nah they cover all manner of fanboy baiting BS. Resolution is just the biggest technical term they actually understand, so they come back round to it a lot.

So if they're going to rename, I vote fanboybaitingBS. It'd be better if they just shut down completely though.

Mr Pumblechook2593d ago

@gamer1138. Don't shoot the messenger. They're just reporting what Microsoft/ 343i said.

OC_MurphysLaw2593d ago

No, they are sensationalizing something that is in the works and not final product to get site hits.

Gh05t2593d ago

By reporting you mean retelling a story that's already been reported on. I know its common practice but its not like they really add any perspective that's worth a damn.

jnemesh2593d ago

Yeah, I mean really. Who shops based on performance any more? Seriously...when you are shopping for, say, a you REALLY pay attention to horsepower? Or do you, like everyone else, pick a brand based on the marketing?

It's ridiculous in this day and age that some so-called journalists are unfairly picking on Microsoft just because they can't play games in "Full HD"! I mean, 720p was good enough 5 years ago on TVs, wasn't it? Isn't it just unbelievable that people would expect Full HD graphics from a next-gen console? I mean really.

People should just cough up their money and take what they get!

gjruk2593d ago

Why does this keep getting approved? I've seen this same information on this site from a different site. Just trying to stir up a storm over nothing?
The only people who should have opinion or even care are those who are going the buy the game! Fed up seeing opinionated fans of other platforms who think it's all a big joke if you can't achieve 1080p, as long as it's 60fps and has the remastered gameplay and cutscenes, I don't care and neither does the majority of the Halo community.

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i3eyond the Circle2593d ago

So....if Halo 4 is 1080p 60fps and has way better visuals than the remastered versions.

Why can't the dummies grasp that there are things obviously above their comprehension when they are not trying to be selective when beneficial armchair developers?

This logic is staggering...I can get an essay about ROPs but you don't understand frame buffers?

Oh no the dooms...let's just compare it to another developer doing real time engine transitioning....oh wait...

MelvinTheGreat2593d ago

Because about 75% of people on here will downplay everything xbox even if they have no idea what it means.

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