Xbox One Huge Day 1 Patch Woes Continues With Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark

Microsoft’s Xbox One seems to be one console which usually needs a huge sized patch for most of its games on day 1. The two recent games that come to mind are Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark and Sniper Elite 3.

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jackanderson19852592d ago

jaysus people complain they don't patch stuff, now they're complaining they are patching it... could be something to do with the whole June SKU which is improving performance of games.... better they patch it as soon as possible rather than leave issues lagging about

Am-No-Hero2592d ago

They are not complaining about the Patch , its about the " Size " !!

The_Hero2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

10Gb for a day one patch = incomplete retail game.
That can't be good for the HDD and it's lack of free space.

majiebeast2592d ago Show
JeffGUNZ2592d ago

What people don't seem to comprehend is that most of that 10GB is replacing 10GB already on it. For instance, the Dead Rising patch, which seemed huge but when you actually installed it, you only added about 1-2 more GB on the patch if that. I'd like someone to see what their hard drive was before the patch and then after. It's not adding 10GB, it's replacing a majority of that 10GB that's already on it.

vishmarx2592d ago

wolfenstien,sniper elite 3 and transformers.
all have huge day1 patches on xb1
and to think the size of 360 patches wold usually not exceed 10-30mb

Eonjay2592d ago

Are the patches to fix game breaking bugs? If so, they are releasing these titles too early.

diesoft2592d ago

I hear a lot of complaining about size, too. :(

morganfell2592d ago


Tell that to people with a bandwidth cap. A 30 day delay would have fixed the issue but they were intent on ramming the game out the door in time for the movie launch. It's called a cash grab.

mikeslemonade2592d ago

You get more space on PS4 after the formatting :D

Geoff9002592d ago

Never use steam, everytime I log in it's always updating.

Giul_Xainx2591d ago

This is still happening?

It is drawing near the first anniversary of the new consoles.... and this is still happening?

The ps3 would cause boredom with iitsgame patches.... but 10GB? That would cause sleep deprivation... not boredom. Especially for people who are forced to live with an unstable internet connection. Imagine getting to 90 percent..... then the internet drops..... yeah... I think we have all experienced this at least once in our lives.

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Askanison42592d ago

I understand the size is huge but if it's anything to do with the SDK updates I'm happy they are updating their games to utilise it.

NextLevel2592d ago

Who wants download 40gb of patches a month to play games? No one. Some peoples internet is slow as hell, which would make it all the more frustrating. Having to wait over night to play a game would suck and thats many peoples reality.

turdburgler10802592d ago

I can't imagine having anything slower then 50mb connection. Move out of the boonies and quit your bitch'n.

NextLevel2592d ago

I have great connection, I was referring to other people who don't. Even I wouldn't want to download 40gb of patches on my connection.

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LonDonE2592d ago

Agreed, this practice has to stop! imagine people who buy the game to take it home and find they have bought a broken incomplete P.O.S!!
Why cant these devs delay the game if its not finished? or wait till everything can be included on the retail disk before going gold!

Imagine if you have rubbish internet where you live or even worse download data caps, then this new trend would screw you up!

You sound like a immature douche bag! where do you get off telling people to move homes just for the sake of better internet so they can play a game which they bought and was sold to them incomplete, thus requiring them to download the rest of the game? its idiots like you who are the downfall of the gaming industry! sheep-le like you like to take it up the a$$ from these greedy corporations!

NO ONE should have to download the rest of the game just to play it on day one! this practice needs to stop and we as gamers need to toughen up on these lazy ass developers and publishers!
Seriously this is B.S!!!!
Microsoft tried to screw us gamers with the X1 and all the DRM rubbish and now with this new generation it seems developers are more and more just throwing out incomplete buggy games and expect everyone to have to download the rest which in turn costs the consumer more money for internet bandwidth!

PEOPLE WE NEED TO UNITE, platform bias is irrelevant! we need to make a stand and not buy games like this thus not supporting practices like this! i am all for fixing problems and adding content but withholding game content to see it as day one dlc is disgusting! and also selling the game to a consumer which is incomplete and then forcing the consumer to have to download the rest of the game is ludicrous!

Magnes2592d ago

@Aviaflyer who died and left you in charge of what people post here? You to immature to handle other peoples opinions? Use the agree/disagree feature and grow up, how about that.

MasterCornholio2591d ago

I agree with you. No one wants to download huge patches just so they can start playing their games.

I'm talking in general here which includes the other systems.

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Bigpappy2592d ago

You are spot on correct "jackanderson1985". If they are updating the game with the new SDK, released this month, it might just take a 10 GIG patch to rewrite most of the game code. We shall see when the game is released, what the differences in performance are.

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XiSasukeUchiha2592d ago

Ok!? kinda of sad, when u say woes.

OrangePowerz2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

The size has nothing to do with the games not being finished but with how MS designed their console and how games work on it. As one guy said further up the Sniper Elite patch replaces stuff that is already on the console so it downloads things that are already on the console. Rather inefficient and stupid way to handle patches on MS side.

kingdip902592d ago

Especially if people have data limits... ouch!

jay22592d ago

My S**t net connection hates these downloads. So do I, if you're not ready don't force your end users to download GB's of data some have slow connections, some are limed to XGB a month, delay your game.

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