Get a first look walkthrough of the July Xbox One OS Update

The July update has just been released for all members in the preview program and the video below shows all the new features in action

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I know it's just a little thing, but the one thing I hate and can't stand is the fact that everything needs to load first.

I mean you open a message, view your friends list.. it's loading screens even though it's for a second or less, it just grinds on me.

anyway, will see what else they can bring with this update.

gamecast1576d ago

The long install times need to be fixed. Ryse took me 3 1/2 hours from inserting the disc till I could play it

Blaze9291576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

"3 1/2 hours"

yeah, uh no. Lie harder bro. If your install for that game even took '1' hour, something is wrong with your Xbox One....or You.

gamecast1576d ago

Then it must be my system. When I talked with Microsoft they said it was normal.

Volkama1576d ago

Ryse took about an hour for me to install from disc. It is the only disc game I have, so not really anything to reference it against.

But Ryse is a pretty big game, and blu-ray is a pretty slow media format. They cannot increase the read speed so big games are just gonna take a long time to install.

The only reason I bought Ryse on disc was so that I had something to play straight away when I set up the XBox. 1 hour install was not what I was looking for!

I am sure both Sony and MS will continue to allow playing during installation and they will get better at it, but some games lend themselves better to it than others.

Wikkid6661576d ago

It's actually possible it took that long. But you would have to have a horrible internet connection. A lot of times the XBO has horrible install times because it's actually installing the updates at the same time. For the fastest installs disconnect the console from the internet before installing the game.

Benchm4rk1575d ago

Was probably downloading and installing the update first before the game. If your internet speed is slow then its possible it could take that long if not longer. Without updating first install time are typically much shorter. Mine average anywhere from 15 mins to 30 mins before I can start the game

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danowat1576d ago

I hate the fact you can't return the main screen back to full screen without backing out to the "desktop" first :(

jcole971576d ago

press B while snap mode is highlighted

thrust1576d ago

Sounds like you do not have one or you are not to good at using tech!

Pick one

ColeMacGrath1576d ago

Multi-apps running at the same screen should be a standard feature this gen.

Slevon1576d ago

I didn't know you could bring up IE to help you with the achievements, that's pretty cool

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