Microsoft's Matt Booty on Xbox One, [email protected], Forza Horizon 2, Crackdown and More - AusGamers

AusGamers was given a chance to chat to an industry veteran while out at e3 this year in Matt Booty -- formerly a studio head at now defunct Midway and current general manager of Redmond Game Studios in Seattle.

His role is a broad and expansive one, but he's best described as being part of Phil Spencer's leadership group, which means decisions involving projects and initiatives where games are concerned, also come by him. He has a lot to do with the [email protected] program also, which is currently building to foster "thousands of developers".

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christocolus1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

Its nice to see Ori getting a lot of actually looks great. can't wait to see scalebound and Phantum dust in action. I hope ms shows us more of those games before the japanese xbox one launch.

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player0021575d ago

1080p 60fps confirmed in article for fh2

Yetter1575d ago

probably a slip up. Turn 10 and Playground games already confirmed 30fps. Unless there were changes but I doubt that considering how close release is

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